The Lazy Knitter podcast – episode 8

Hello everyone!

Episode 8 is one week late, as I had absolutely nothing to show you last week. This week is still light on the knitting, but I have some spinning to show you and did some shopping.

I hope you enjoy!

Where to find me?

  • Instagram: renee_kies.
  • Ravelry: Alazybeauty.
  • Youtube channel: The Lazy Knitter
  • My designs: Renée Kies

Finished objects

  • Molly weasley blanket: no real pattern, knit using fingering weight yarn scraps and minis. Knit on 2.75 mm needles (US 2).
  • Sneaker socks: own design. Yarn is Wollbutt Calgary in 6072 (green gradient). Knit on 2.25 (US 1) and 2.5 (US 1.5).
  • Sneaker socks vol 2: own design (run wild socks, currently in testing) Yarn is regia 4-fädig in white and ONline Linie 3 supersocke 100 in 61. Knit on 2.25 (US 1) and 2.5 (US 1.5).

Works in progress

  • La Flor sweater: pattern is la Flor by Alina Shneider. Yarn is Zeeman Julia in color 60. Knit on 5.5 mm (US 9) and 6.0 mm (US 10) needles. Size small. Modifications: using a heavier yarn than pattern is written for, so knitting a smaller size to get the desired size and using larger needles.


  • Hilltop cloud
  • Wol met verve


Weekly goals

  • Cast on something from my handspun.

The Lazy knitter podcast – episode 4

Hello Everyone!

Here are the show notes for episode 4 of The Lazy Knitter podcast. This week we passed a 100 subscribers and I had a lot to talk about. I had a bit of technical trouble recording the podcast, but it all worked out in the end! I hope you enjoy the episode!

Where to find me?

  • Instagram: renee_kies.
  • Ravelry: Alazybeauty.
  • Youtube channel: The Lazy Knitter
  • My designs: Renée Kies


  • Cascade Yarns Heritage paints in tonal green.
  • Several balls of Made by Me (action) “Multi” and “Twisted”.
  • Large project bag by Thimbleandthreadmake on Etsy.

Finished objects

Works in progress

  • Vanilla socks: No specific pattern. Will do a traditional afterthought heel. Yarn is Regia by Arne & Carlos in colorway Star night (3653). Knit on 2.5 mm needles (US 1.5).
  • Molly weasley blanket: no real pattern, knit using fingering weight yarn scraps and minis. Knit on 2.75 mm needles (US 2)

Knitting goals for the week

  • Get serpentine pattern finished and start testing.
  • Write up pattern for thistle sock.
  • Cast on second unnamed sock.
  • Knit on my Molly Weasley blanket.

Thanks for watching and see you next week!




Yarn Along: An old wip

Hello Everyone,

After finishing a wip (more on friday) that has been languishing in the box of (temporarily) forgotten and out of favor wips, I needed a new project. I could have cast on the second sock of my Thorin socks, but with the next round of Sockmadness starting any day now it didn’t seem wise. It would lay half-done whilst i got sucked into the insanity and would keep me from using those needles. And using deferent needles for the second sock also didn’t feel very smart, as these needles hurt my hands more and would change my tension. So I went bag to the box of ignored things and pulled out another old project. I started it on august 30th of 2013, less long ago than I thought! I worked on it for about 2 weeks without distrations and then got bored of the grey yarn and the endless stockinette. But I want to cut down on the number of wips. I’ve noticed that I feel a lot better if i start something and then work (almost) solely on that project until it’s finished. I would like to keep my number of wips to 3 max.

I’m working on my effortless cardigan. It’s exactly what the doctor ordered, some mindless knitting with the occasional increase/decrease row. I’m almost done with the body. I’ve another  13 rows to go in the increase section and then need to figure out what length I would prefer (I’m thinking of making it a little longer than the pattern says). Then on to sleeves and the border. I started this with a cheap but very soft yarn. I think it will be very nice to cuddle up in during the summer nights.

This is an old picture, but there’s honestly not much different to be seen yet (not even in reality, that feels so frustrating! Like i’m knitting with invisible yarn…). The body is a little longer, but squashed on a circular that looks rather unimpressive.

Love, Renée

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Casting on: Yippee Kai-mei!

Hello Everyone!

I have a new project to share with you today! On friday I showed you the first finished sock of my Thorin oakenshield sock. They’re pretty fun and the result is great, but the little bobbles are quite fiddley. I needed a quick break and so cast on a different sock! Once I finish the first sock of the new pair, I’ll cast on the second Thorin sock. I thought this was smart, but I’m now regretting it a little. I’ll have two socks finished but I can’t wear them straight after finishing. I also had to improvise a lot on the Thorin socks and although i think i’ll be able to replicate the first, if i wait to long I’m now suspecting I won’t. Add to that that i’ve ended up changing some of the numbers on my new sock and then forgetting to write those down… oops!  I think i have them all figured out now but we’ll only see for sure when i get to that second sock. Sigh, sock drama! They’re lucky they’re pretty and cozy!

The new sock is Kai-mei by Cookie A. I saw that someone else had named theirs Yippee Kai-mei and that name stuck. It just sounds so much more fun!

I’m using the same yarn I used for my Dawlish last year and that I have used for another pair since (but i don’t think I ever shared them here). It’s lovely and soft and is holding up well even if the socks get a little fuzzy. The colours are just so amazing!

The leg of the sock is all ribbing. Pretty and soothing after the complicated pattern of the Thorin’s. But it turns out I got sick of it pretty soon anyway. Happens sometimes. I’m just not that excited about knitting these socks. As a matter of a fact, or 2 days now I haven’t even touched my knitting! I spent my free time playing Pokemon on my laptop instead. I was too tired to have to focus on the pattern and my knitting. It is new for me though. Ever since starting to knit a year ago I don’t think i’ve ever not knit a little everyday. Even just a few stitches.

This is about where I am now. The leg looks super long! I’ve never worn socks this long, I usually fold the tops over because i get pressure marks really easily and they hurt (and no my socks aren’t tight). I think because these are hand knit and fit fine they will be okay. And i just didn’t think to shorten the leg really…


Love,  Renée

Work In progress Wednesday: A new sock!

Hello Everyone,

Finally I’ve remembered it’s wednesday in time to post a wii wednesday post! I feel like it’s been such a long time since i did one. Today’s post is short but sweet. Socks! Socks are one of those things that are always good. I’ve really gotten into making socks. There are so many different sock patterns out there that it never gets boring and you get to use lots of fun yarn. They travel well, and as i spend about 4,5 hours in the train every weekend that’s a huge plus! there’s also a myriad of different techniques and constructions you can use to make a sock making them a great learning experience. Recently I came across the concept of Sock Madness. This is a group on Ravelry and every march they have an Insane (capitalized, because it’s a good insane!) sock making competition. There are several rounds with different mystery sock patterns. You need to finish within a certain timeframe to move on to the next round. The first round is 2 weeks. For me this seems like a challenge, but then i always put things down in between and then ignore it in favor of something else. I think i should at least be able to finish those! Then the times get shorter. Last year the winner knit her socks for the last round in 30 hours!!!!! WOW! I have no chance of winning, but i will be pleased if i pass the first round.

The materials list has already been released. As you have no idea what the socks look like it can be very misleading! Some of the things listed: yarn, chocolate, a drinking vessel and matches… uhoh. I guess the patterns will be emotionally challenging if we need booze and candy!

I can’t wait to start. In preparation I’ve cast on a pair of socks that use a technique I’m unfamiliar with. Toe up socks on double pointed needles. I’m not to sure i like the toe-up yet. The look massive! And i made a mistake last night and had to start over. The toe does look really neat though….

This is a picture form before my frogging, but this part looks the same in the new version. I have about an inch more now. I chose a lovely green opal yarn for these socks as the pattern page shows the socks in green and they look amazing! In the end i couldn’t imagine these in another colour than green.

I can’t wait to see if the fit is better than on top down socks….

Love, Renée

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Work in Progress Wednesday

Hello Everyone,

Today is Wednesday and so it’s time I shared my current wips!

My main project for the last few weeks is off the needles! All that’s left to do is to tuck in the last few ends (I didn’t have time to finish that before leaving for my dorm this week) and it needs a vigorous blocking session. It’s quite scrunched up and includes a lot of lace and cables so a good blocking will really make it bloom.

Here’s a picture from before it was done. The colour is a lot of here. The yarn is terrible to photograph even though it’s gorgeous in reality. It’s a blueish purple. Sometimes it looks more purple than other times, but it rarely looks like the colour above.

This is a photo of my favorite lace section. The colour here is a lot more accurate.

As i don’t have much to do on this I’ve continued on my next project.

I’ve continued work on my Painter socks! This is my first pair of vanilla socks and my first time using self striping yarn. I love it. It’s so relaxing and easy. To challenge myself I’ve made myself try out a new to me technique in this pair. I’m trying out an afterthought heel so as to not interrupt the pattern created by the yarn on the foot. I’m really enjoying this project so far. The yarn is soft yet firm and very pleasurable to work with. It was expensive, but it’s proving worthwhile. I bought the yarn while on vacation in New York so these socks will always have fond memories for me. I’m already imagining hexipuffs made from the leftovers. I’ve progressed a little further than is shown here. I’ve already placed the waste yarn for the heel and am now working on the foot. I’m hoping to match the striping on the first sock on the second sock.

The yarn for these socks was inspired by Hundertwasser paintings. Below is the one the colourway for these socks was based on. My yarn was labeled incorrectly so I had to do some digging to figure out which one it was based on.

What are you working on this week?

Love, Renée

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Casting on: Passion Flowers Shawl

Hello Everyone!

It’s wednesday so it’s time I give an update on some of my current projects! I’ve been away for a while, so I didn’t get too much crafting done, but I still have some things to show you.

Unfortunately all projects I have been working on I haven’t ever written about before! How does this keep happening?!? So today I’m going to write about this weeks project that got worked on most and that made the most progress, my Passion Flowers Shawl.

Whilst waiting for my yarn for the Pickaboo KAL to arrive I started a new shawl, Passion flowers by Marisa Hernandez. I got off to a good start and could share a photo on instagram in a few days (it took me a few tries to get it right!).

I kept speeding on and although I had used 2 lifelines I didn’t really encounter any problems. I sped through the first 2 charts and yesterday could show some significant progress…

As you can see I have made some great progress on the third chard (above the second lifeline). I was about 35 rows into the 86 row chart. I must have jinxed the thing, because suddenly nothing would work anymore, my stitch count was off (waaaayyy off! I had 10 extra stitches of so…), tinking didn’t fix it and so this morning I had to rip back to the second lifeline. Sigh. So my progress has disappeared.

So this is where I’m at now… I have a bit of catching up to do, but I’m a bit mad at this shawl right now so it’s getting  time out. Not too long a I need the needles it’s on!

Love, Renée

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