Zig Zag Phone Sweater

Hello Everyone!

I have a new pattern to share with you today. I finally started the process of getting 5 new patterns published and today the fist one has gone online!

The pattern is the Zig Zag Phone Sweater.

This is a super cute little sweater for your phone. Besides making your phone look amazing, the zig zag phone sweater also keeps your phone from getting scratched in your bag. Your phone won’t be getting cold!
This is a quick and easy project. Perfect for people new to colour work!

The pattern can be made to fit pretty much any phone, but is written to fit an iPhone 4s. Instructions are given to increase height and width of the phone sweater. Gauge isn’t very important for this project.

The pattern is available for €3,00 on Ravelry and LoveKnitting.

Love, Renée


New Patterns!

Hello Everyone!

Today is the day. I published two more patterns and this time they’re knit! If you follow my blog you’ll have seen them yesterday in the Tadaa post. I published the pattern for both the headband and the cowl!


The headband is now called the Anouk Headband (as it was designed for my friend Anouk) and the cowl is now the Seedling Cowl (because it has a nice ring to it!).

You can find the pattern for the headband here and for the cowl here.

The first 20 downloaders for both patterns are in luck, using the code FAST20 for the headband and FAST20C for the cowl, they can get them for free! Otherwise both patterns cost 0.50 $ each!

Love, Renée

I wrote my first pattern!

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for my absence, but I swear I have a very good reason. This past week I have been very busy designing my first pattern! And today is the day… I finished it and it has been uploaded to Ravelry! Yahoooo! I’m going to celebrate with a beer and some popcorn. Paired with a few more episodes of Charmed (I have seen them a million times, but I still love all the episodes!)

This is my French Doily. I love it. It’s a bit of a mix between modern (the triangles go perfectly with the current aztec trend) and old fashioned (the scallops, the netting, etc. All so very doily-esque!) It would look very fun under a vase or trinket or just on it’s own on a table or sideboard. I’m going to make several doilies in this same yarn and colour and freeform them together to form a bohemian tablecloth. All shapes and sizes are perfect for this project! The fun thing about this doily is that you don’t have to limit yourself at all, you can use any yarn (with the appropriate hook) to change it’s appearance! As a matter of a fact I might hook up a huge one (bulky yarn, or several strands of DK held double) for a bath mat! Imagine how soft and squishy it will be under your feet!

I hooked up the sample in a lace weight yarn with a 2.5 mm hook and that gave the following result. Compared to my hand it looks quite big (and my arm looks tan and my nail polish is so cheery)!

This doily was inspired by some crochet pieces my mom brought back from a trip to France, hence the name, French doily. I also like to think that the French are stylish, old fashioned and yet modern.

You can find the patten in my Ravelry shop, right here. It’s going to be €1,50, but the first 24 downloaders can get it for free with the coupon code FIRST20.

To illustrate the importance of blocking, here’s a photo of the doily pre-blocking:

And a photo during blocking:

The blocking really helps open the netting sections!

I love it!  What do you guys think?

Love, Renée

ps. So pleased! While typing this post it has already been downloaded 4 times, whieeee! 😀