Tadaa: My first yarn!

Hello Everyone!

In November I got a Louet S10 spinning wheel for my birthday. It needed some “quick” repairs to get it functioning but I had wanted a wheel for ages (I thought it would suit me better than a spindle) and was very glad to get my hands on this one.

The quick repairs ended up being a bit more involved than we had anticipated so I had to wait a little longer before i could start spinning with it. My dad laid the last hand on the wheel during the Christmas holidays so it’s now in perfect working order.

This led to me giving spinning on a wheel a first shot on the 4th of January and spinning my first yarn!

This is the roving I used. It’ a 100 grams of 100% merino and consists of several strands of different colours of purple. I split the braid in half lengthwise. I spun the first half randomly and the second half I split according to the colors and spun from dark to light. I then plied the 2 singles together.

I ended up with this:

I was pretty excited to finish my first wheel spun yarn so wanted to knit with it immediately. I wanted to knit a relatively simple pattern to give the yarn  chance to shine and because more complicated patterns would likely be completely swallowed by the slightly thick and thin nature of the yarn. I ended up going with the Handbrake Cowl by Kay and Dan Jones (you know, those 2 from the Bakery bears podcast? Which I love by the way!) because I had the right  yardage (maybe a tiny bit more).

And this is the result!

The patterning is a little harder to see in real life than in the picture, but it is visible. If you’re close to the cowl you just need to squint a little to see it.

You can see the slight gradient much better in reality than in this picture. Camera’s always seem to have some trouble with purple and this cowl is PURPLE. It is really really bright. The bottom garter border is completely in the light section and the top border is almost completely in the darkest color.  The middle section colors are more similar so the transition is a little harder to see there.

I’m really pleased with the finished result! It’s cool to see the cowl and really that I spun and knit it! It’s very soft and very cozy and warm. especially now that it’s cold I do see myself wearing this a lot.

Next project: Trying to spin a sock yarn!

Love, Renée


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