New year, new chances!

Hello everyone!

Happy new year! I want to wish you all the best for 2016!

2015 for me turned out to be very different than I had hoped or expected. After getting diagnosed with Celiac disease in juli of 2014 and starting my gluten free life I had sort of expected my health to improve with leaps and bounds in 2015. I’d been eating gluten free for over 6 months, I should start to feel a bit better. But it turned out my expectations were a little off and 2015 didn’t really see me improving much.

I transferred my care to a celiac specialist and it turns out I am what he called a “slow responder”. I have the diet down (he was actually worried I might be a bit to strict!) and it hardly costs any extra effort any more. It really feels natural. But even though I was doing everything right, I wasn’t improving. My body has been through the wringer after years without a diagnosis and me still eating gluten. It just needed more time than most need to adapt to the fact that it wasn’t being hurt anymore. So throughout the year I still had all my issues (nausea, belly aches, really bad bloating, and some less savoury issues haha). In hindsight some of it turned out to be my fault too. I stopped my b12 injections in the beginning of the year. Right when I thought I might be improving, but was hesitant to say it out loud and end up jinxing it. I got tablets to take instead, but in the next 2-3 months I started feeling a lot worse. it was the end of the school year and I just checked it up to end of year stress. But it didn’t get better over the holidays even though those where heavenly and completely stress free. In the beginning of september I had had enough. I still had some b12 and decided to just see if an injection would help. Almost immediately after my first shot I started improving again. I started injecting twice weekly after consulting my doctors and soon those worsened symptoms were all gone again. But due to the temporary stop in injections i’m still working on getting to where I was at the beginning of the year (when I stopped the injections). Thankfully I have an amazing doctor who says that as long as i notice a different and i’m still having issues I should keep injecting. We can try stopping again when my overall health is better.

Which brings me to my main goals for 2016. Where 2015 was all about my bad health, I want 2016 to be about improvement. For years I’ve been to sick to work out, but this year I’m going to start. I’ll be starting slowly and very carefully, because due to the long neglect my body is extremely sensitive to injuries. Right now I have an injured leg muscle (i think) because I put on socks. I put them on just like I always do but… If you just look at a muscle wrong it injures itself. I don’t want to over do it and have to stop.

I also want to start eating a little healthier. I have a sweet tooth. I love candy and chips. I often skip breakfast for an extra 15 minutes in bed before school. No more. I want to eat healthier and see if that helps improve my health. I also want to cut down the amount of sugar I eat as it just can’t be good to snack as much as I do.

I really have a good feeling about 2016 and these are my main two goals. I have a bunch of crafty goals and have some serious plans for this blog too. For now I’ll leave it at this and wish you all the best for the new year. I hope you’ve had a lovely 2015!

Love, Renée


2 thoughts on “New year, new chances!

  1. Happy New Year Renée!
    Jeetje wat heb jij qua gezondheid een heftig jaar achter de rug en wat goed dat je een ommezwaai gaat maken in 2016!

    Ik geniet enorm van je Instagram foto’s, je maakt zoveel prachtige dingen, ik hoop er in 2016 weer veel van te zien!!

    • Renée Kies says:

      Ja 2015 was een beetje een dal-jaar voor mij. Maar in 2016 van plan te gaan klimmen.
      Ik heb allemaal leuke plannen, en het fijnste is dat ze allemaal, ook als de gezondheid niet veel verbetert, wel te doen zijn. Dat maakt het makkelijker om me er ook voor in te zetten. Ben normaal nooit zo van de doelen enzo, maar dit jaar heb ik er opeens zo’n zin in. Voelt echt een beetje als een nieuw begin!

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