I’m back (again)!

Hello everyone,

Once again it’s been a while since I posted here. Sorry! Things sort of unravelled towards the end of the school year and I needed some time to recover. My health is still being troublesome and i’m not yet back where I’m supposed to be. But… I think (knock on wood) I might be getting back on track.

I just got back from a lovely vacation with my family in Germany, Italy, and Austria. I’ll post more about our trip later as I have quite some good GF recommendations (I have recipes!). And I brought my camera with me and finally got around to practicing some more with it!

Here’s me knitting in front of Castle Neuschwannstein in Germany. King Ludwig the 3rd lived here and it’s the castle that inspired the Disney castle!

I also have a lot to talk about when it comes to crafting! I’m still considering starting a podcast and I think i’ll do a trial recording in the next 2 weeks. I have a plethora of projects on the needles so there’ll be a lot to talk about. A few weeks back I hit a bit of slump with my crafting, I wasn’t interested in knitting. I experienced the same thing last year after sock madness. The madness is fun, but apparently it burns me out a bit. I needed a little time off. For my trip I packed plenty of projects and finally seemed to get my mojo back. I let myself cast on all the things I wanted to. I also started designing again. I have tonnes of ideas and am planning on getting them ready for publication. I won’t hold myself to a deadline but there are a few I would like to get out as soon as possible. One of these designs has been planned out in my head since december last year! I’m enjoying the process and seeing how things come together.

I’m also going to be paying more attention to this blog. I know I say this every time. I mean it too, it just never seems to quite work out. I always end up missing it though. I like sharing my thoughts and my projects. I like sharing GF recipes I discovered and tried. So expect all that and more. I’m not promising the number of posts a week, i’ll play it by ear and see what i’m capable of and feel comfortable doing.

I hope you stick with me whilst I get back into things!

Love, Renée