Tadaa: The birds!

Hello Everyone,

I’m here to share a recently finished FO (aka Finished Object) with you today and I have some exciting news!

A friend shared the pattern for today’s FO with me and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to knit it. I cast it on pretty soon afterwards when I had some empty needles. They were just too fun to resist!

Quick note: These socks might be seen as offensive by some, if so, I’m very sorry. I made these because they make me laugh. 

Pattern: The bird by Karin Aida

Yarn: I used Opal 4-fach pullover & sockenwolle in the colour 3081 Natur (MC) and 6191 Anthrazit (CC). This yarn has 425 meters per 100 grams. I had about half a ball of each leftover form another stranded sock a while ago.

Needles: I used 2.5 mm double pointed needles for the cuff, heel and toe and 2.75 mm double point needles for the stranded sections.

Experience: I really really loved knitting this pattern. The slightly risky image paired with knitting completely baffled my family, They didn’t get why I would want to knit socks with “birds” (I still don’t get why this is a euphemism for showing your middle finger, it doesn’t look like a bird…). I wanted these because lately i’ve been having days where I’m terribly grumpy. If something upsets me all I need to do is look at these socks and i’ll be smiling again. And if someone upsets me I won’t need to be rude, my socks (even though invisible in my shoes) say it all for me.

These socks were fun and because of the fairisle very quick to knit. I did make some modifications. I couldn’t get the heel in the pattern to work for me so I knit a regular heel flap over 36 stitches and did a v-heel. I decreased back to the necessary amount of stitches on the heel. To stay as close to the original design as possible I knit the fairisle pattern on the sides of the foot/gusset and only knit stripes on the superfluous stitches. In the picture above you can see where I wove in my CC ends on the heel, but I decided to just not be bothered about that and just left it.

Now for my good news! I’m hoping to have a spinning wheel soon! I found the perfect wheel at the perfect price and in the perfect location. I’ve contacted the seller and although I haven’t heard back yet, I’m very hopeful! And if this deal fall through I will be getting another wheel. I’m so set on it now that I’ll get a wheel one way or another!


Love, Renée


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