Big and Tiny


It’s high time I shared some recent FO’s with you.

Let’s start with the tiny!

We recently learned that my nephew and his wife are expecting their second baby. I knit their first baby a little cardigan so wanted to make something for baby nr 2 too! Unfortunately I don’t think the little got much use and it did take up my knitting time. I went on the hunt for something more usable and a little smaller. I ended up making some teeny tiny baby booties. I’ve always wanted to knit some because they’re perfect for scraps.

I used a special to me yarn. The leftovers of the yarn I also used for my Seeta fingerless mittens. I had bought this yarn on my trip to New York with my dad for my 21st birthday. It’s super soft and nice and warm. Baby won’t have any troubles with cold feet whilst wearing these!

Pattern: Toasty toes baby booties by Samantha Blake. The pattern is well written and very clear. It’s almost magical to see the shape of the bootie emerging as you’re knitting.The pattern has you knit the booties flat and seam up the back and bottom after you’re done knitting. Very easy and suitable for beginners.

Needles: 3.0 mm needles

Yarn: Frog Tree Pediboo in 1110 Grey. This is 80% merino and 20% bamboo. Very soft and yet sturdy. This is a sport weight and the pattern is written for a fingering weight, so my FO ended up a size bigger.

Experience: I’m pretty sure I won’t be knitting this pattern again. This is completely on me and not on the pattern as it’s very well written. I hadn’t really realised that because it was knit flat I would send up having to seam the bootie. The seam bothers me. I think next time I need some booties I’d prefer to just knit them in the round. Knitting this project really messed up my hands. I ended up with Carpal tunnel and had to stop knitting for a week. I get withdrawals if i don;t knit every day. It was horrible. Again, my fault. I was too lazy to grab my single needles so used 2 short dpn’s an squished the project on there. Bad idea. I ended up clenching them rather tightly and with stitches almost flying off every row.

The end result is more than I had hoped after my experiences whilst knitting. They’re cute and you can’t feel the seam when you’re “wearing” them (could’t try this out of course, so my hands tested them haha).

On to the big!

New socks! My second pair of plain vanilla socks. Vanilla really does seem to be something I like. It’s very calming and relaxed. No need to constantly check the pattern or count stitches.

Pattern: Afterthought heel socks by Laura Linneman. I used the pattern for the directions for the afterthought heel and the toe. I made the 64 stitch size, but it was a little roomy. Next time I’ll make the 56 stitch size again as these seem to fit better (For my painting socks I used the same pattern in the smaller size).

Needles: 2.25 karbonz double points

Yarn: Handed by MJ sokkenwol (local Indie dyer) self striping. 420 meters per 100 grams.

Experience: Heaven. The stripes made knitting on these socks very addictive and fun. I kept saying just one more row, just one more row. An hour later I’d still be knitting. As I said they’re a little roomy, but it’s not very troubling.

That’s it for today! I hope to be able to share another FO this week. It’s a project that has been in progress/hibernation for the last 1,5 years. It just needs a very rigorous blocking and then it’ll be done!




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