Pattern: Anouk Headband


Today I will be sharing my free Anouk Headband pattern (This link takes you to the Ravelry pattern page). This is a pattern for a basic knit headband. Perfect for beginners, but a fun and quick knit for more advanced knitters. It’s very comfortable if I do say so myself!

I designed this headband when I was in need of a present for a friends birthday. I made a set of a headband and cowl for her. I also wrote up the pattern for the cowl, so please check that out too!

The Anouk Headband is a fairly quick knit, but still looks pretty impressive. The pattern is available in English and Dutch. If you’re looking for the Dutch pattern, please click here: NEDERLANDS. For the English pattern, keep reading!


  • Aran weight yarn, I used Zeeman Tweed in the colour 01 for the sample (approximately 80-100 meters)
  • 6 mm straight knitting needles.
  • Scissors
  • Darning needle (with an eye big enough for your yarn!)

Stitches used:

k = knit

p = purl


Cast on 14 stitches using the long-tail cast-on method.

Row 1: k1, p1 to end of row.

Row 2: p1, k1 to end of row.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 another 52 times, for a total of 106 rows (keep track of your progress on a scrap bit of paper). Your work should now measure 15½ inches. It will stretch comfortably to 22 – 23 inches. Try it on for size by stretching it around your head. If it’s too tight just knit a few more repeats!

Bind off in pattern. Weave in ends.

Fold work in half with the right side on the outside (If you can’t see an obvious right and wrong side, pick the prettiest one!) and with a strand of yarn pass darning needle through from front to back. Continue to end. Pull ends tight and wrap around sewed section to cinch headband. Tie ends together.

Cast on 6 stitches using the long-tail cast-on.

Row 1: k1, p1 to end of row.

Row 2: p1, k1 to end of row.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 another 17 times, for a total of 36 rows. Bind off in pattern and weave in ends. With strand of yarn and darning needle sew together around the cinched part of the headband. Weave in last ends.

Voila! You have a perfectly cozy headband!

Love, Renée

ps. click here to download the pattern.


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