I’m Back!

Hi there,

It’s been a while. I’ve been absent from the blog for so long I wonder if someone is even going to be around to read this. My health is still not where it should be, and it’s never going to be perfect again. 2015 is going to be a fresh start. No more avoiding, no more procrastinating (or at least less). I’ve never been one for a lot of new year’s resolutions, but this year I have a few. I didn’t even have to go to any trouble to think them up, they were just there. And I feel different about these than my usual resolutions. These actually feel important and I would feel very good if I could actually make these work. I want these to work. I’ve always had the same old, not very serious, resolutions like wanting to get in shape, to work harder, etc. But i didn’t really care. Sure! It would be nice, but I’d be fine without those things too. It’s different this time, I want them to work. I need these to work. There’s a lot on my plate this year and to make everything work I need to make some changes. So here’s my game plan. I’ve split my resolutions up into several different categories: school, personal, health and crafty and today i’m going to be sharing them here.

I’ve really been missing the blogging and I want to get into it again. Organising my thoughts and ideas here is going to help me to stick to my goals and keep some oversight. Which, with the creeping chaos, is something I could really use.

Crafty Goals 

1. This year I would like to knit a sweater.

2. Finish some languishing works in progress (see my Ravelry page for my current projects. I want to finish the hibernating projects)

3. Use up some stash.

4. Knit a pair of toe-up socks.

5. Try out a fish lips kiss heel as everyone seems to be raving about these!

6. Make some progress on my first quilt. I want to prep more hexagons and start piecing the thing together.

Health Goals

1. Be patient. I’m having a hard time just waiting to feel better. It’s natural. I just need to wait for my body to recover from 6+ years of damage.

2. If more turns out to be wrong with me, I’m allowed one day of being sad/upset. Then I’m going to look to the future and deal with it. No whining!

3. Keep a health diary. In my phone or on paper, it doesn’t matter. I need to get a good overview of my aches and pains so that i can find out what’s causing them.

4. If my body is saying no, I cannot push it too hard. I’ll end up out of rotation longer than necessary. Taking a one day break is better.

School Goals

1. No more procrastinating! If i have time, I need to just do my work and not put it off. My energy is so often unexpectedly less than I had thought/hoped. I need to work ahead when I can.

2. No slacking. Don’t hurry and finish something. I need to give it my best effort.

Personal Goals

1. After reading a book, I want to write more reviews. I’m planning on publishing these here on the blog.

2. Make more of an effort with make up and clothing. I’m too tired to take much time with this lately. I want to start making time for it, if I look good, I feel a little better.  Besides, it’s fun!

3. Don’t get snippy. I have a tendency to get very grumpy when i’m tired (and I’m tired a lot) and I take it out on the people around me. And they don’t deserve that.

Whew! Quite a personal post for my first post back on the blog. Ah well, best to jump right in!

What are your resolutions?

Love, Renée

ps. I decided to leave all my old post up. I like reading back! The blog will be getting a make over though!


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