Nails: P2 Artful

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I finally met two of my online friends in real life for the first time. It was amazing and there was no awkwardness, I really felt very at home. We went on a little adventure to Kleve in Germany. As we all love polish and shopping, it’s not that hard to guess what we did whilst there. We visited several local drugstores and, me never having been there before, i came away with a very nice haul! When I got home I immediately had to go and play with my new stuff and today I will be sharing one of the polishes I bought with you.

It’s from the brand P2 and id the first polish i’ve ever tried from that brand. I was wearing a sand style polish before this so I felt like trying a cream polish. I ended up wearing 620 Artful from the P2 Color Victim line. It’s a bright greenish teal color. The brush is square, but applies super easy. It’s not super skinny but not one of those mega brushes that seem to be the norm these days (which is good, i’m not too fond of those!). It’s opaque in 2 coats, but there is some streaking. It gets evened out with a coat of topcoat though.

My camera had some trouble capturing the shade on film. It’s a bit more green and a bit brighter in reality.

Perfect shade for summer? I think so! I think this will be awesome on tanned feet!




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