Casting on: Rainbow Pipeline Socks

Hello Everyone,

The third round of this years Sockmadness is upon is. And this new pattern has been giving me headaches. It’s super pretty, but it includes many elements with which I have zero experience. Uni has also started back up again, so it’s been a busy week. With my health acting up again, I have had to put the blog on the back burner for the week. But I’m back into the thick of things at uni and have figured out how the Sockmadness pattern works and mastered most of the new things (some still await though). So I’m going to be blogging a bit more again!

My hair is currently under a turban made with aluminum foil. I’m dyeing my hair blue again (it was long overdue for some attention to my roots and the blue had almost completely faded). To help the dye set i’m wearing tinfoil on my head. It helps to keep the warmth from my head in and that helps the dye set. I’ve used a different mix of dyes than last time, that was a little to green for me, so I’m hoping this color will be bluer and stay that way. In the future I can do a post sharing my experiences with weird colors perhaps. I really really like those dyes!

Back to my socks. The pattern is Rainbow Pipes and Linenstitch socks by Aurélie Colas. It’s gorgeous and I’m having a great time so far. These are proving a real learning experience. I’d never done linen stitch before, never done color work before and have never had a cuff that folds over. I’ve also never done i cords of have to attach buttons. So still 2 new challenges ahead!

Here’s my progress so far:

The colors I’m using. I didn’t have enough sock yarn scraps to use as the 7 (!!!) contrast colors, but a lovely other member of the challenge was kind enough to send these to me. I love them. This kind of color palette is my favorite as it includes my 2 favorite colors: blue and green.  The main color is a very very dark navy. It’s the same as the yarn i made my Shreddies with!

Knitting on the train…




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