Tadaa: Diamond Shreddies

Hello Everyone,

I have a finished object to share with you of which I am particularly proud. Te finished result probably won’t look all that special as I have made socks before. No, this project is special because of the process of knitting this one. It was hard. Harder than your average sock pattern. There were times when I seriously considered giving up and frogging the entire thing. This project was painful both physical and mentally.

I’m talking about my Diamond Shreddies. these were the socks we had to knit in the second round of Sock Madness (see my round 1 sock madness socks here). Because of the competition there were certain requirements your socks had to meet. You weren’t allowed to change the pattern and there was a minimum of rows you had to knit. The pattern was written with a tiny gauge of 9 stitches per inch and 15 rows per inch. To get this gauge I had to knit as tightly as possible on 2.0 mm needles. I really wanted to make gauge for these socks as I wanted them to fit me and people had said that without at least approaching gauge the socks would be too big. Mine ended up fitting perfectly, so they were worth the hard journey. I just don’t think I’ll be making another pair very soon!

The stats

Pattern: Diamond Shreddies by Carrie van Kessel. The pattern has you cast on a very large amount of stitches, but because of the tiny gauge they end up fitting. I usually wear a 56 stitch sock and these were a little tight, but i did end up with a slightly tighter gauge than suggested.

Yarn: Aldi/Hofer Sokkenwol. This is sock yarn that I bought at Aldi in a pack of 4 (2x 50 gram balls in 2 colors) for 5 euros. Considering it’s so cheap I wasn’t expecting too much. Turns out it’s pretty great! My socks ended up soft and feel like they will never wear out. They’re sturdy! The leg, due to the small gauge, could actually stand on it’s own…

Needles: 2.00 mm aluminum 4 inch/10 cm dpns by Addi. I had started with 15 cm bamboo dpns, but ended up snapping 2. I ordered the Addi’s thinking 10cm was the same size, but ended up liking the shorter size. It didn’t hurt my hands as much as the bamboo ones which were very sharp and harder to hold.



Time: I started these on March 21st and finished them on April 4th. They have been in time-out several times during this time as I needed to wait for my new needles and  because my hands were just to sore.

Experience: The finished socks are nice and pretty comfortable, but I’m not sure I enjoyed knitting them. I like the experience of knitting for sock madness and being in a team, but the socks themselves weren’t fun. The tight tension really did me in. It made my fingers hurt after just one row of knitting and I could only knit an hour at most in one sitting. My hands and right elbow are still sore and I expect it will take a while to fade completely. I usually love cables, but because these were so tight I dreaded them. But: the resulting socks are really comfortable and very soft.


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