NOTD: Call me princess

Hello Everyone,

Felting my Moonkoosa Boots took quite a bit out of my hands. My fingers were sore for a couple of days and two of my nails broke instant. A few days later it turns out the rest of them had been dying a slower death, but were still goners. One by one they started breaking. In the end I was left with ten sad bloody little stumps. Yes, bloody. Ouch. And they looked terrible. I don’t think they’ve ever looked that sad. Not even when I still used to bite my nails and i bit them for years. Thankfully by taking a break from all my lovely polishes and employing a very strict nail care regime, consisting of cuticle oils and lots of nail hardener, they seem to have recovered. So today I had some fun and got out a bright and sparkly polish. It was a rainy dark day so it was a nice little touch of color amidst all the gloom.

The polish I used is Call Me Princess by Catrice. It’s one of their Crushed Crystal polishes and it has a textured finish. It’s not as textured as some other textured polishes I have tried, but the finish is still quite visible. It’s bright (slightly coral) pink color with a rose golden sheen.Probably because it’s full of rose gold glitter.

This polish became my new favorite for summer within ten minutes of wearing it. It’s so cheery. And it looks great whilst lying on the beach holding a cocktail! I think it would also look very nice on my toes, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Once again though, the curse of all sparkly pretty polishes has struck. It’s impossible to photograph just right. In reality this polish has a lot more bling. If the sun is shining it is quite the eye catcher!

Because of the textured finish the polish dries very fast. It also applies very easily due to the rounded and broad brush of Catrice nail polish bottles. Sometimes there may be an errant hair or a wonky shape in the brush, but this is easily remedied by a quick snip with a pair of scissors.

Call me princess also wears like a champ. I wore it for a weak with only some small tip wear. But eventually it did chip, and it did so spectacularly. In the morning my nails had looked fine, a few hours later i looked at my hands and at least 5 fingers were missing half of their polish.

Nothing but good about this one really! I just love it!

Love, Renée


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