Report: Flower Heaven

Hello Everyone,

A while ago I was invited to my first ever bloggers event. I had a fabulous time and have been meaning to post about it ever since. Unfortunately a lot of stuff came up and this post got a little delayed. I love blogging, but school has to go first and right now things are pretty hectic. I’m wrapping up most of my current bachelor course  to be able to finish it next year (I’m keeping it open to save some money, otherwise my second bachelors would be more than 6 times as expensive!) and i’ve been pretty stressed about it. Heath wise things weren’t all that great, add a load of tricky exams and I barely have time for anything else. But I had my exams (and they went great, so the time spent away from the blog was very much worth it!) and I still really wanted to share this with you even though some time has gone past since. Take a look at the flower heaven I got to visit.

These were vacuum sealed flowers, they look so quirky! Such an inspiring way to decorate your home.

The event was organized by This is a dutch website that promotes flowers. they want more people to appreciate how gorgeous flowers really are, something we are sometimes prone to forget in the long dark days of winter. I was never really flower obsessed, although my mum and gran can name every plant they meet in Latin. After the event I’ve both picked flowers in our garden and bought some flowers at the florist. They’re just such a great addition to your home. Right now a lovely bouquet of Ranunculus flowers graces our dining room table. they make me happy every time I walk past. The website also bring you fun facts about flowers and inspiring ways to incorporate in your home. The event was organized to introduce their new campaign: “best friends now each others favorite flowers”. Something I really must agree with. But when I thought about it: my mum loves so many flowers it’s hard to pick a favorite, she changes her mind depending on her mood at the moment haha. And I didn’t really have a favorite… I have a color preference instead, blue. I love blue flowers. Turns out I do have several favorites! I loved the freesia I got at the event, they smell bloody amazing and it had some amazing colors. I also fell in love with the Ranunculus. They have lovely delicate petals and they often have a beautiful gradient.

The event was held in the Vondelkerk in Amsterdam. The location was perfect, they had filled the church with thousands of flowers. There was no spot without a flower, even the toilets had been decorated with some pretty blooms.

Me getting my make up done.

Mom getting her make up done.

Mom waiting for me holding both our flowers.

At the event they had arranged several fun workshops, there was delicious (and inspiring) food (all the food used flowers in some way!) and lots of fun activities. We got our make-up and hair done and had our photo taken.

I took quite a few pictures at the event, but my camera had some troubles focussing and some shots turned out having really weird colours. Thankfully there was a photographer and they’ve allowed me to use his pictures.

I had a blast at the event. We had to bring our best friend, so I took my mum. An event about flowers is so her thing (besides, she IS one of my besties) and she loved it. She loved getting pampered by the make-up artist and she was really interested in all the workshops. And we both love good food. I don’t think there was a dish we didn’t try. We even tried ( and liked) a red beet smoothie and a red beet sorbet with rose petals and we usually can’t stand beets! The smoothie tasted super fresh and lovely (nothing like regular icky beet juice) and the sorbet was surprisingly sweet!

At the event I got to meet a lot of other bloggers (bright blue hair with floors turns out to be quite the conversation starter!). So fun!

I would love to thank the organization for inviting me, I had such an amazing time!

Love, Renée

ps.  For the Dutchies: if you go to the website and guess your bff’s favorite flower correctly you can win a nice bouquet!


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