Yarn along: Sock Madness round 2!

Hello Everyone,

Unfortunately my health still hasn’t been improving as much as i had hoped. The exhaustion is still quite extreme. Couple that with the usual exam stress and studying I haven’t had much time to do anything except eat, sleep and study. Thankfully I’ve now had 2 exams and I think I have passed them both. I have a little breather this afternoon. Tomorrow it’s back to my studies, but for now I have some time to blog!

When I have some time to relax for a bit I have been picking up my sock madness socks, my Diamond Shreddies. I’ve finished the first sock and am halfway through the heel flap on the second sock.

This pattern is still a bit of a challenge. i love the finished socks, but they’re so hard to make! They’re worked over 80 stitches and in a tiny gauge. My hands start hurting after only a round and I have to stop after about 15 minutes or they’ll stay painful.

The yarn I’m using is pretty decent when you consider the price (I bought a pack of 4 50 gram balls for 5 euros). I use one 50 gram ball per sock. The ball of yarn for the first sock was really good. It had one teeny tiny knot, but that’s perfectly acceptable. This second ball is a whole different story! It’s full of weird sections that you can’t use. I’ve taken to cutting them out, but there’s so many of these bits that I’m worried I might not have enough. Thankfully I have some leftovers from the  first sock just in case. But it’s seriously annoying!

I’m hoping to get some good progress in, but we’ll just have to see. there’s still twenty spots left in my team so I have a pretty decent chance to advance!

What are you working on?

Love, Renée

ps. Linking up With Tami’s Amis and Ginny!


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