Nails: P2 Artful

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I finally met two of my online friends in real life for the first time. It was amazing and there was no awkwardness, I really felt very at home. We went on a little adventure to Kleve in Germany. As we all love polish and shopping, it’s not that hard to guess what we did whilst there. We visited several local drugstores and, me never having been there before, i came away with a very nice haul! When I got home I immediately had to go and play with my new stuff and today I will be sharing one of the polishes I bought with you.

It’s from the brand P2 and id the first polish i’ve ever tried from that brand. I was wearing a sand style polish before this so I felt like trying a cream polish. I ended up wearing 620 Artful from the P2 Color Victim line. It’s a bright greenish teal color. The brush is square, but applies super easy. It’s not super skinny but not one of those mega brushes that seem to be the norm these days (which is good, i’m not too fond of those!). It’s opaque in 2 coats, but there is some streaking. It gets evened out with a coat of topcoat though.

My camera had some trouble capturing the shade on film. It’s a bit more green and a bit brighter in reality.

Perfect shade for summer? I think so! I think this will be awesome on tanned feet!




Review: Demak’Up Expert Line

Hello Everyone,

I’m back today with a review of a new line of products. Demak’up is releasing a new line of cotton pads and make-up wipes for their new expert line. This new line is focussed on the removal of long-lasting and waterproof make-up. I tend to use more waterproof products in summer as i’m not very good with heat so I like to go swimming and … well… everybody sweats right? I was sent these products to test and to tell you guys what i think about them. I was very very excited to get this chance as I have sensitive eyes and most other wipes don’t really work to remove mascara ( they require you to rub quite vigorously and that annoys my eyes) and I figured if it was meant for waterproof make-up it would certainly work on my regular make-up.

Today I’m mainly going to show you the results of my tests for the different wet wipes and pads. As i mentioned the line also includes cotton pads, but to be honest I didn’t really do much testing with those. I can see they have a special structure to help take off make-up better, but i honestly never notice any difference between different cotton pads.

For the launch of this new line Demak’up introduced 4 new Facelooks. These Facelooks are  5 make-up looks created by make-up artist Sanne Bleeker that capture the different trends for the coming season (so, summer in this case). Below are the 4 Facelooks.

I actually can see myself wearing all of these looks (although i’de tone down the extreme smokey eyes a bit. WIth bright blue hair extreme dark eye looks completely change your appearance). My favorite is the blue eyes look. I have blue eyes and paired with my bright hair this really looks amazing! Although for everyday I’d pair it with a nude or neutral pink lipstick instead of the red. The Sunkissed look looks perfect for a nice summer BBQ after a day at the beach. The two Toned look is my least favorite, but i think it would appeal more to me if I used two lipsticks that are slightly closer in colour.

These are the Demak’up Expert Wet pads with make-up removing lotion. One pot includes 30 pads and is a very nice travel size. These are perfect to take with you on a trip. Good to know: the cotton fibres used in these pads are 100% biodegradable!

This is what the pads look like. The top has a lined texture, but is very soft. The pads are not too wet and not too dry. Even after the pot  has been open for a while, it closes well enough that the pads don’t dry out. The lotion doesn’t get into your eyes when you use the pads (not too wet).

On to the test! I’m not allowed to use make-up on my face right now as I’m using antibiotics for a rather unfortunate side effect of my weekly shots (amazingly painful horrible acne. The doc took one look at me and gave me a prescription for antibiotics). SO i came up with a different way to test effectiveness. I picked my favorite Facelook and swatted all products I would use for this look on my hand. I then swiped the pad or wipe over it once without pressing too hard. This gives a pretty good indication of how good the product removes make-up. I also tested both the wipes and pads on my face (without make-up) as part of my bedtime face cleanse to see how they feel and how my skin reacts to them.

The swatch.

This was the result of a gentle swipe across the swatches on my hand. Everything is almost gone, but the mascara is still pretty present. With a second swipe I removed everything but the mascara, which vanished after a third swipe. When using this to clean my face one pad is not enough to remove both foundation and my eye make-up. I use these solely for my eyes and wash the rest off with a faming cleanser. The lotion is very pleasant on my skin and is perfectly fine for sensitive eyes. It removed my eye make-up without requiring me to scrub my eyes.

The face wipes are the Demak’up Expert line face wipes for face and eyes.

One swipe with the make-up wipe. This took off more in one go than the pad, but there are still some traces left. A second swipe took care of those.

On my face this feels really pleasant. The wipe is soft and feels a bit fluffy. The wipes don’t have lotion, but a milk. It feels soft and very nourishing on my skin and doesn’t annoy my sensitive skin and eyes. On my eyes mascara is a little harder to remove than on my hand, but with a few gentle swipes everything is easily removed. Afterwards my skin does feel a little dirty so I wash my face with some water. That leaves my skin soft and nourished. I can even skip cream if i want to.

Overall I’m really excited about these products, but would only repurchase one of them, the wipes. They allow me to clean my entire face in one go, whereas the pads are to small to do so. However, my mom swears by these pads. She doesn’t wear much make-up and usually skips foundation. So for her these are very efficient. I do also like the cotton pads in this line. Usually pads with a honeycomb structure in them are a little too harsh for me. However these are much softer and therefore very nice to use. The pads absorb remover very well and don’t drip (if you don’t put too much remover on them anyway).

I’m very pleased with this new Expert line and will be keeping an eye out for it in stores!



Casting on: Rainbow Pipeline Socks

Hello Everyone,

The third round of this years Sockmadness is upon is. And this new pattern has been giving me headaches. It’s super pretty, but it includes many elements with which I have zero experience. Uni has also started back up again, so it’s been a busy week. With my health acting up again, I have had to put the blog on the back burner for the week. But I’m back into the thick of things at uni and have figured out how the Sockmadness pattern works and mastered most of the new things (some still await though). So I’m going to be blogging a bit more again!

My hair is currently under a turban made with aluminum foil. I’m dyeing my hair blue again (it was long overdue for some attention to my roots and the blue had almost completely faded). To help the dye set i’m wearing tinfoil on my head. It helps to keep the warmth from my head in and that helps the dye set. I’ve used a different mix of dyes than last time, that was a little to green for me, so I’m hoping this color will be bluer and stay that way. In the future I can do a post sharing my experiences with weird colors perhaps. I really really like those dyes!

Back to my socks. The pattern is Rainbow Pipes and Linenstitch socks by Aurélie Colas. It’s gorgeous and I’m having a great time so far. These are proving a real learning experience. I’d never done linen stitch before, never done color work before and have never had a cuff that folds over. I’ve also never done i cords of have to attach buttons. So still 2 new challenges ahead!

Here’s my progress so far:

The colors I’m using. I didn’t have enough sock yarn scraps to use as the 7 (!!!) contrast colors, but a lovely other member of the challenge was kind enough to send these to me. I love them. This kind of color palette is my favorite as it includes my 2 favorite colors: blue and green.  The main color is a very very dark navy. It’s the same as the yarn i made my Shreddies with!

Knitting on the train…



Tadaa: Diamond Shreddies

Hello Everyone,

I have a finished object to share with you of which I am particularly proud. Te finished result probably won’t look all that special as I have made socks before. No, this project is special because of the process of knitting this one. It was hard. Harder than your average sock pattern. There were times when I seriously considered giving up and frogging the entire thing. This project was painful both physical and mentally.

I’m talking about my Diamond Shreddies. these were the socks we had to knit in the second round of Sock Madness (see my round 1 sock madness socks here). Because of the competition there were certain requirements your socks had to meet. You weren’t allowed to change the pattern and there was a minimum of rows you had to knit. The pattern was written with a tiny gauge of 9 stitches per inch and 15 rows per inch. To get this gauge I had to knit as tightly as possible on 2.0 mm needles. I really wanted to make gauge for these socks as I wanted them to fit me and people had said that without at least approaching gauge the socks would be too big. Mine ended up fitting perfectly, so they were worth the hard journey. I just don’t think I’ll be making another pair very soon!

The stats

Pattern: Diamond Shreddies by Carrie van Kessel. The pattern has you cast on a very large amount of stitches, but because of the tiny gauge they end up fitting. I usually wear a 56 stitch sock and these were a little tight, but i did end up with a slightly tighter gauge than suggested.

Yarn: Aldi/Hofer Sokkenwol. This is sock yarn that I bought at Aldi in a pack of 4 (2x 50 gram balls in 2 colors) for 5 euros. Considering it’s so cheap I wasn’t expecting too much. Turns out it’s pretty great! My socks ended up soft and feel like they will never wear out. They’re sturdy! The leg, due to the small gauge, could actually stand on it’s own…

Needles: 2.00 mm aluminum 4 inch/10 cm dpns by Addi. I had started with 15 cm bamboo dpns, but ended up snapping 2. I ordered the Addi’s thinking 10cm was the same size, but ended up liking the shorter size. It didn’t hurt my hands as much as the bamboo ones which were very sharp and harder to hold.



Time: I started these on March 21st and finished them on April 4th. They have been in time-out several times during this time as I needed to wait for my new needles and  because my hands were just to sore.

Experience: The finished socks are nice and pretty comfortable, but I’m not sure I enjoyed knitting them. I like the experience of knitting for sock madness and being in a team, but the socks themselves weren’t fun. The tight tension really did me in. It made my fingers hurt after just one row of knitting and I could only knit an hour at most in one sitting. My hands and right elbow are still sore and I expect it will take a while to fade completely. I usually love cables, but because these were so tight I dreaded them. But: the resulting socks are really comfortable and very soft.

NOTD: Call me princess

Hello Everyone,

Felting my Moonkoosa Boots took quite a bit out of my hands. My fingers were sore for a couple of days and two of my nails broke instant. A few days later it turns out the rest of them had been dying a slower death, but were still goners. One by one they started breaking. In the end I was left with ten sad bloody little stumps. Yes, bloody. Ouch. And they looked terrible. I don’t think they’ve ever looked that sad. Not even when I still used to bite my nails and i bit them for years. Thankfully by taking a break from all my lovely polishes and employing a very strict nail care regime, consisting of cuticle oils and lots of nail hardener, they seem to have recovered. So today I had some fun and got out a bright and sparkly polish. It was a rainy dark day so it was a nice little touch of color amidst all the gloom.

The polish I used is Call Me Princess by Catrice. It’s one of their Crushed Crystal polishes and it has a textured finish. It’s not as textured as some other textured polishes I have tried, but the finish is still quite visible. It’s bright (slightly coral) pink color with a rose golden sheen.Probably because it’s full of rose gold glitter.

This polish became my new favorite for summer within ten minutes of wearing it. It’s so cheery. And it looks great whilst lying on the beach holding a cocktail! I think it would also look very nice on my toes, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Once again though, the curse of all sparkly pretty polishes has struck. It’s impossible to photograph just right. In reality this polish has a lot more bling. If the sun is shining it is quite the eye catcher!

Because of the textured finish the polish dries very fast. It also applies very easily due to the rounded and broad brush of Catrice nail polish bottles. Sometimes there may be an errant hair or a wonky shape in the brush, but this is easily remedied by a quick snip with a pair of scissors.

Call me princess also wears like a champ. I wore it for a weak with only some small tip wear. But eventually it did chip, and it did so spectacularly. In the morning my nails had looked fine, a few hours later i looked at my hands and at least 5 fingers were missing half of their polish.

Nothing but good about this one really! I just love it!

Love, Renée

Pretty Flowers

Hello Everyone,

I recently ordered a new filter for my camera which allows me to take better close-up pictures. of course I had to try it out as soon as I got it in and I took some fun pictures. Some of them will be coming soon in reviews, but I also took some great shots of flowers in and around the house. This was very shorty after the mooiwatbloemendoen flower event and so I just couldn’t resist. Ever since the event i’ve been paying more attention to flowers and plant life around me. Today I’m sharing the photo’s I took. I hope they can share some of the lovely spring weather we have been having here with those of you still stuck in the cold of winter.

Mom’s rose!

My freesia!




Report: Flower Heaven

Hello Everyone,

A while ago I was invited to my first ever bloggers event. I had a fabulous time and have been meaning to post about it ever since. Unfortunately a lot of stuff came up and this post got a little delayed. I love blogging, but school has to go first and right now things are pretty hectic. I’m wrapping up most of my current bachelor course  to be able to finish it next year (I’m keeping it open to save some money, otherwise my second bachelors would be more than 6 times as expensive!) and i’ve been pretty stressed about it. Heath wise things weren’t all that great, add a load of tricky exams and I barely have time for anything else. But I had my exams (and they went great, so the time spent away from the blog was very much worth it!) and I still really wanted to share this with you even though some time has gone past since. Take a look at the flower heaven I got to visit.

These were vacuum sealed flowers, they look so quirky! Such an inspiring way to decorate your home.

The event was organized by This is a dutch website that promotes flowers. they want more people to appreciate how gorgeous flowers really are, something we are sometimes prone to forget in the long dark days of winter. I was never really flower obsessed, although my mum and gran can name every plant they meet in Latin. After the event I’ve both picked flowers in our garden and bought some flowers at the florist. They’re just such a great addition to your home. Right now a lovely bouquet of Ranunculus flowers graces our dining room table. they make me happy every time I walk past. The website also bring you fun facts about flowers and inspiring ways to incorporate in your home. The event was organized to introduce their new campaign: “best friends now each others favorite flowers”. Something I really must agree with. But when I thought about it: my mum loves so many flowers it’s hard to pick a favorite, she changes her mind depending on her mood at the moment haha. And I didn’t really have a favorite… I have a color preference instead, blue. I love blue flowers. Turns out I do have several favorites! I loved the freesia I got at the event, they smell bloody amazing and it had some amazing colors. I also fell in love with the Ranunculus. They have lovely delicate petals and they often have a beautiful gradient.

The event was held in the Vondelkerk in Amsterdam. The location was perfect, they had filled the church with thousands of flowers. There was no spot without a flower, even the toilets had been decorated with some pretty blooms.

Me getting my make up done.

Mom getting her make up done.

Mom waiting for me holding both our flowers.

At the event they had arranged several fun workshops, there was delicious (and inspiring) food (all the food used flowers in some way!) and lots of fun activities. We got our make-up and hair done and had our photo taken.

I took quite a few pictures at the event, but my camera had some troubles focussing and some shots turned out having really weird colours. Thankfully there was a photographer and they’ve allowed me to use his pictures.

I had a blast at the event. We had to bring our best friend, so I took my mum. An event about flowers is so her thing (besides, she IS one of my besties) and she loved it. She loved getting pampered by the make-up artist and she was really interested in all the workshops. And we both love good food. I don’t think there was a dish we didn’t try. We even tried ( and liked) a red beet smoothie and a red beet sorbet with rose petals and we usually can’t stand beets! The smoothie tasted super fresh and lovely (nothing like regular icky beet juice) and the sorbet was surprisingly sweet!

At the event I got to meet a lot of other bloggers (bright blue hair with floors turns out to be quite the conversation starter!). So fun!

I would love to thank the organization for inviting me, I had such an amazing time!

Love, Renée

ps.  For the Dutchies: if you go to the website and guess your bff’s favorite flower correctly you can win a nice bouquet!