Review: Purol Hand cream

Hello Everyone!

Everyone who uses their hands a lot most likely also uses a hand cream. I’m a little more serious about my hand cream than most people. I really can’t stand the feeling of dry hands (or dry skin at all really. I always use lotion and my feet get extra attention too). so I use a cream every time they feel dry or if I’ve washed my hands. When I was a kid and didn’t understand the concept of hand cream just yet I had a very strange habit. I would ilk my hands to keep them from feeling dry. Unfortunately that dried them out even more. Dry hands are something you constantly notice and it can literally send shivers down my back, it feels that horrible to me. So, I’m serious about my hand cream. (Gosh please don’t think I’m too weird now!) But ‘m a person who’s constantly busy and I don’t like waiting around for my hands to absorb the cream. Besides, I don’t like my hands feeling greasy either.

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect hand cream for years. And I think i might have finally found it. I’m on my third tube of this miracle stuff and that one is almost finished too (note to self: get new tube!). I’m talking about the Purol Handcreme (Dutch, because I’m dutch, but it is available online for those of you who live abroad. Unfortunately that comes with it being about double the price. Google Purol hand cream for links!).


I don’t go anywhere without this stuff anymore, I’m constantly carrying it around.  It comes in a really basic white tube. It’s boring, but effective. The white makes it stand out in my purse, making it easy to find. There’s no unnecessary stuff on there, it just states what it is, what it does and what is in it. I didn’t have this problem with my previous tubes, but they were in the old packaging (the old tube was longer and thinner). The workers at the top of the tube are really really sharp. I suggest either filing them a bit of sticking something on them to stop them from hurting you or damaging your bag.

What does it promise?

– Protects and nourishes

– Softens and hydrates dry and chapped hands

– Absorbs quickly into the skin

Does it really do that?

In short yes. It absorbs super quickly and leaves your hands feeling very smooth. My hands do still feel nice after a quick wash, but i usually end up reapplying anyway. My hands feel hydrated. But because I keep applying the stuff I’m not sure what good it does in the long run. I never go without some sort of cream on my hands. My hands look good and the winter didn’t leave the slightest mark on them, but then again we didn’t really have a cold winter. It’s almost like we went from fall straight to spring. It’s hard to say if it really hydrates my hands. My hands weren’t very dehydrated to begin with.

The main reason i prefer this cream is because it absorbs so quickly. Most hand creams that claim to do this still sit on the skin for a bit and sometimes still feel greasy. This one doesn’t. Your hands feel soft and smooth and nothing else. No other cream I have tried (and I’ve tried many!) made them feel this soft. And because I keep reapplying I’m not that interested in the long term effects as much. There’s no harm in applying hand cream so why would I want to stop doing so?

It’s also great for crafters like me, as it doesn’t leave any kind of residue on your work.

The cream is  white  and although creamy appears a  bit gel like. A small bit goes a long way. A dollop the size of a small pea is more than enough to do both hands and wrists.


This is a budget product, which makes it even better. It’s around 2-3 € (definitely no more than 3). The old tube was €2,19 , but the new packaging came with a slight increase in price and I’ve forgotten how much it was exactly (sorry!).  But for a 100 ml this is an amazing price. One tube lasts me about 1-2 months, depends a little on the weather. I use it less if it’s warm out or if I craft less.


5/5 This is holy grail stuff right here. I’m always going to have one of these tubes from now on.

Love, Renée


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