Yarn Along: An old wip

Hello Everyone,

After finishing a wip (more on friday) that has been languishing in the box of (temporarily) forgotten and out of favor wips, I needed a new project. I could have cast on the second sock of my Thorin socks, but with the next round of Sockmadness starting any day now it didn’t seem wise. It would lay half-done whilst i got sucked into the insanity and would keep me from using those needles. And using deferent needles for the second sock also didn’t feel very smart, as these needles hurt my hands more and would change my tension. So I went bag to the box of ignored things and pulled out another old project. I started it on august 30th of 2013, less long ago than I thought! I worked on it for about 2 weeks without distrations and then got bored of the grey yarn and the endless stockinette. But I want to cut down on the number of wips. I’ve noticed that I feel a lot better if i start something and then work (almost) solely on that project until it’s finished. I would like to keep my number of wips to 3 max.

I’m working on my effortless cardigan. It’s exactly what the doctor ordered, some mindless knitting with the occasional increase/decrease row. I’m almost done with the body. I’ve another  13 rows to go in the increase section and then need to figure out what length I would prefer (I’m thinking of making it a little longer than the pattern says). Then on to sleeves and the border. I started this with a cheap but very soft yarn. I think it will be very nice to cuddle up in during the summer nights.

This is an old picture, but there’s honestly not much different to be seen yet (not even in reality, that feels so frustrating! Like i’m knitting with invisible yarn…). The body is a little longer, but squashed on a circular that looks rather unimpressive.

Love, Renée

ps. Linking up with Tami’s Amis and Yarn Along.


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