Tadaa: Brucie

Hello Everyone!

I’m writing this whilst watching “I survived Jaws” on Discovery. It’s 1 in the morning, but i really felt like sharing. You see, this show is very appropriate for this blogpost as it’s decidedly shark-themed. The FO I’m sharing today were inspired by a very famous shark, Bruce.

Bruce is one of the mascots for Sockmadness and this year the first pattern was created in his honor.  I don’t think I’ve properly explained the idea of “sock madness” yet and I admit some of it is still unclear to me too as this is my first time participating. Sockmadness is a challenge of multiple rounds in which contestants have to knit the same pair of socks as fast as possible. Per round a certain number that are the fastest move on to the next round and it all eventually leads to one winner. There are prizes, but it’s for fun and to challenge yourself. The first round works a little different. Everyone competes in teams of a similar skill and speed to keep things fair. In the first round everyone who finishes continues on to the next round, it’s just to get an idea of speed (and therefore decide on the teams). I think i did okay, the deadline is tuesday (so today) and I finished on Friday. But: I started 3 days later and the socks were in time out for 2 days as they were pissing me off. I had to frog the almost completed foot back to the heel and it had taken me forever to knit. It was way way way too wide so I needed to go down a needle size. Bluh. Fat sharks.

The pattern isn’t available to the public yet (great advantage of moving on in sock madness: even if you don’t make it past all the rounds, you get all the patterns. And for free! Plus you get them way before most people!).

I used Tiger sock yarn form the shop Flying Tiger. In winter they have a small assortment of yarn and their sock yarn is pretty good. It’s also very good for your wallet, it’s about 2€ per 50 gram ball. you will need 2 balls for a pair of socks. They have quite a few different colours too. I used the same yarn on another pair of socks, but i didn’t keep those so I didn’t get a very good impression of the wear. I can now say that it is very good quality (although I haven’t washed it yet so can’t speak about how it holds up), it’s very soft.

Love, Renée

ps. All these photo’s are a little blurry. My camera’s battery was dead so I used my phone. The crazy yarn kept throwing off the focus.


3 thoughts on “Tadaa: Brucie

  1. Leuk om je te ontmoeten op het lievelingsbloem event! Heb even wat rondgesnuffeld op je blog en ik denk dat mijn zusje het ook wel leuk vindt, die is ook veel aan het breien de laatste tijd 🙂

    • Renée Kies says:

      Ja vond het ook heel leuk om jou even te spreken! Het is nu nog vooral veel breien inderdaad, maar heb nog grootste plannen 😉

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