Tadaaa: Socks and some sewing!

Hello Everyone!

Pfff, i haven’t been a very good blogger the last week. I thought that, being free from school for the week, i would shave blogged more, but i fell ill and ended up doing a lot even if nothing really got done. No homework, not much housework (i put away some cleam clothes on a chair). I did manage to squeeze in some knitting and some other crafts. I have officially started my quilt top, I finished some socks, started some new socks and sewed a project bag for my new socks.

I finished my (Yippee) Kai-Mei socks! This pattern was so much easier than expected! The yarn is amazingly soft. I’ve used this yarn before but the other pair i made for me is a bit itchy.

The stats:

Pattern: Kai-Mei by Cookie A. The 16,5 cm leg is a bit dull very zen. getting the lace to move across your foot was very mysterious to me, but it turned out to be rather easy! I loved knitting the pattern. I thought i didn’t like lace socks, but i’m rather fond of these. And these socks got my mom to admit that they looked rather cozy and that she fancies herself wearing them. So she’ll probably be receiving some socks soon!

Yarn: Superba Poems (by Rico Design) in the color 001 Candy. I was attracted to this yarn by the fun bright colors. That hot pink is so amazing! This colourway (or my ball) was a little weird. it was impossible to find a repeat in the colors to match my socks. There was no section that was the same! And at one point i encountered a repaired break in the yarn that lead to a rather sudden color change.

Needles: I used my trusty 2.5 mm karbonz double point needles. I’m coming to realize that these are my favorites. they’re very comfortable to hold and use, can take a bit of a beating, and have a nice point to them.

Time: These took me about 2 weeks, but i didn’t always work on them.

Experience: These socks were great fun. The pattern was very clear and therefore good for a beginner sock knitter. I made the socks as written and they fit me perfectly. I made a tiny mistake on the second sock (I misremembered what i had done on the first sock, even though i had written it down…), but it’s barely noticeable and i’m probably the only one who will ever notice.


And now for my second Tadaa this week. For those of you that also knit, you may have heard about a regular event every march called “Sockmadness”. It’s a challenge with several rounds in which you knit a pair of socks. The first round decides in which team you are placed and is the “easiest” sock. After that you knit at the same time as you team members and move on to increasingly harder socks. Eventually someone is crowned winner.  I have no chance of winning (although a girl can dream), but when i heard of this and saw sign-ups were still open I had to enter. The first round has just started a few days ago. I bought a second set of the 2.5 mm dpns as i wanted to try and knit my socks at the same time. But i quickly encountered a problem. How do i carry my Sockmadness supplies around easily without tangling all the yarn..? A new project bag was needed! I went in search of a good pattern and came across the sock sack pattern by Ramona Rose. I had recently ordered some fun fabrics and so could get to work straight away. This was only my second sewing project so i had some troubles and it took me a little longer than an experienced seamstress, but I learned a lot and made it work!

I’m so proud of it! Inside you can see my brucie socks, the socks for the first round of sock madness. There’s only one in here, but there are two of them now!

I used a bit of the leftovers/scraps to make my first hexi for my quilt! I need to baste about 3000 of these…. And then i’m going to sew them together and then quilt the entire thing. It’s a huge undertaking and will probably take a while.

What did you finish this week?

Love, Renée


2 thoughts on “Tadaaa: Socks and some sewing!

  1. Wat een mooi patroon zo met die gaatjes! Ik moet bekennen dat ik doorgaans echt hele saaie zwarte sokken of enkelsokjes van de Hema draag… Heb ook een paar grijze en blauwe maar dan houdt het ook op xD

    • Renée Kies says:

      Dankjewel! Ik heb altijd al een voorliefde gehad voor de “gekke” sokken met leuke plaatjes haha. Dit is alleen net nog een stapje verder. EN ze zitten zo veel lekkerder nog dan gewone sokken!

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