Casting on: Yippee Kai-mei!

Hello Everyone!

I have a new project to share with you today! On friday I showed you the first finished sock of my Thorin oakenshield sock. They’re pretty fun and the result is great, but the little bobbles are quite fiddley. I needed a quick break and so cast on a different sock! Once I finish the first sock of the new pair, I’ll cast on the second Thorin sock. I thought this was smart, but I’m now regretting it a little. I’ll have two socks finished but I can’t wear them straight after finishing. I also had to improvise a lot on the Thorin socks and although i think i’ll be able to replicate the first, if i wait to long I’m now suspecting I won’t. Add to that that i’ve ended up changing some of the numbers on my new sock and then forgetting to write those down… oops!  I think i have them all figured out now but we’ll only see for sure when i get to that second sock. Sigh, sock drama! They’re lucky they’re pretty and cozy!

The new sock is Kai-mei by Cookie A. I saw that someone else had named theirs Yippee Kai-mei and that name stuck. It just sounds so much more fun!

I’m using the same yarn I used for my Dawlish last year and that I have used for another pair since (but i don’t think I ever shared them here). It’s lovely and soft and is holding up well even if the socks get a little fuzzy. The colours are just so amazing!

The leg of the sock is all ribbing. Pretty and soothing after the complicated pattern of the Thorin’s. But it turns out I got sick of it pretty soon anyway. Happens sometimes. I’m just not that excited about knitting these socks. As a matter of a fact, or 2 days now I haven’t even touched my knitting! I spent my free time playing Pokemon on my laptop instead. I was too tired to have to focus on the pattern and my knitting. It is new for me though. Ever since starting to knit a year ago I don’t think i’ve ever not knit a little everyday. Even just a few stitches.

This is about where I am now. The leg looks super long! I’ve never worn socks this long, I usually fold the tops over because i get pressure marks really easily and they hurt (and no my socks aren’t tight). I think because these are hand knit and fit fine they will be okay. And i just didn’t think to shorten the leg really…


Love,  Renée


2 thoughts on “Casting on: Yippee Kai-mei!

  1. I love the name and I can definitely relate to not knowing if I can replicate all the mods I’ve made to a pattern later. I’m *slowly* learning to write things down, but I still don’t always write down all the info I need!

    • Renée Kies says:

      I’m usually really good about writing everything down, but somehow just didn’t this time. It’s so frustrating! I have a special notebook in which i keep track of my projects, it’s fun to look through!

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