NOTD: Shopping day at Bluemingdales

Hello Everyone,

I recently sorted out my nail polish stash and decided to get rid of all the colours that seemed oh so pretty in the store, but i now realized did absolutely nothing for me. SOme I just didn’t like using, some clashed horribly with my skin (I’m really pale with a yellowish undertone, certain colours just don’t work). I rehoused some polishes and after a while donated what was left. W have several good will stores in the neighborhood and having visited them a few times, I know some of the people here have little to spend. My stuff was in a very good state so hopefully I’ll be able to make some people happy when they spot some beauty supplies there (they don’t usually have any).

Whilst sorting through my stash and reorganizing them, I realized that I have a fair few polishes that have never been used. Oops! So I’m trying to pick those for now. Today I’m wearing one of those polishes. Catrice – 13 Shopping day at Bluemingdales.

the polish is a gorgeous bright blue with a purple undertone. Above you see the polish in bright daylight. 

This is a picture from last night. There was no daylight so it was taken in artificial light. As you can see the colour is more purplish here and not as bright blue.

This (slightly blurry) close-up demonstrates what I mean even better. And it shows something i didn’t notice until after applying topcoat (it’ more apparent in pictures). On my pinky and ring finger you can see a patch with a thinner coat of polish. I’m wearing 2 coats here and t is sufficient, but you ave to be careful when applying the polish. If you go over a spot too often you end up dragging the previous layer of polish off and you end up with thinner patches. They’re not very noticeable on my nails, but they’re more obvious in the pictures.

Blue is my favorite colour, so I’m not sure why I waited so long to try out this polish. It’s so nice!

I definitely recommend this polish! As do all the newer catrice polishes, this polish has a wide rounded brush that makes for very easy application. it’s easy to get nice round edges near your cuticles with this brush. The polish has a nice shine on it’s one, but really comes to life when you pair it with a high shine topcoat.

What is your favorite colour?

Love, Renée


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