Casting on: Thorin Oakenshield

Hello Everyone,

Remember that sock I told you about yesterday? It no longer is anymore. It was finally going well, I had to redo the toe a few times, but i finally got art the finicky cast on (Judy’s Magic Cast-on on dpn’s is not so magic) and was almost done with the foot. I realized it was looking a bit wide, but attributed it to me just being unused to the toe-up sock method and figured it might just be supposed to look like this. But i tried it on after a while of trying to convince myself it was okay.

I measured my foot and i measured the sock. The difference between the two was quite immense.

I asked around for people with wide feet, but it turns out the sock was too large for anyone.  So it was frogged as i couldn’t be without a project now, could I? I had another wip (work-in-progress) with me, but i was unsure of my gauge. The needles i brought for the new version are the Addi Lace needles. They’re made of brass. And when in use they smell of brass. I didn’t really think their purchase through at all. I hate the smell of coins and i hate the smell of brass. I literally can’t stand the smell. I obviously didn’t think the purchase of those needles through properly… I heard lots of great reviews and so went and bought them when i was planning on knitting lace weight yarn for the first time. After 3 stitches i felt disgusting. That  smell always makes me feel icky.  it’s the reason why I always wash my hands after handling coins too.

Because of the weird scent issues I couldn’t work on that project (The only needles I brought were the addis and a cheap pair of circulars of which the join bothers me now that I’ve tried better ones). The sock had to be undone.

ANd of course I had to cast on something new too! I went back to the method of sock knitting I am familiar with. Top down on dpn’s and with a heel flap.  I picked Thorin’s Armour Socks by Margereta Marisch.

Hoping this one goes a bit better!

Love, Renée


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