Work In progress Wednesday: A new sock!

Hello Everyone,

Finally I’ve remembered it’s wednesday in time to post a wii wednesday post! I feel like it’s been such a long time since i did one. Today’s post is short but sweet. Socks! Socks are one of those things that are always good. I’ve really gotten into making socks. There are so many different sock patterns out there that it never gets boring and you get to use lots of fun yarn. They travel well, and as i spend about 4,5 hours in the train every weekend that’s a huge plus! there’s also a myriad of different techniques and constructions you can use to make a sock making them a great learning experience. Recently I came across the concept of Sock Madness. This is a group on Ravelry and every march they have an Insane (capitalized, because it’s a good insane!) sock making competition. There are several rounds with different mystery sock patterns. You need to finish within a certain timeframe to move on to the next round. The first round is 2 weeks. For me this seems like a challenge, but then i always put things down in between and then ignore it in favor of something else. I think i should at least be able to finish those! Then the times get shorter. Last year the winner knit her socks for the last round in 30 hours!!!!! WOW! I have no chance of winning, but i will be pleased if i pass the first round.

The materials list has already been released. As you have no idea what the socks look like it can be very misleading! Some of the things listed: yarn, chocolate, a drinking vessel and matches… uhoh. I guess the patterns will be emotionally challenging if we need booze and candy!

I can’t wait to start. In preparation I’ve cast on a pair of socks that use a technique I’m unfamiliar with. Toe up socks on double pointed needles. I’m not to sure i like the toe-up yet. The look massive! And i made a mistake last night and had to start over. The toe does look really neat though….

This is a picture form before my frogging, but this part looks the same in the new version. I have about an inch more now. I chose a lovely green opal yarn for these socks as the pattern page shows the socks in green and they look amazing! In the end i couldn’t imagine these in another colour than green.

I can’t wait to see if the fit is better than on top down socks….

Love, Renée

ps. Linking up once again!


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