Nails: Essence Sandstyle

Hello Everyone,

Today I have a new (well “new” it was new when i stopped blogging for a while, it’s not so new anymore and i’ve used the heck out of it already!) polish to share.

It’s essence sparkle sand effect in 163 hey Nude! It’s a nude sand style polish with a few glitters. It’s AMAZING! Nude but still sparkly!

My nails seem to have gotten a growth spurt since then (2 weeks or so ago) they’re now quite a lot longer! This polish is great when your nails aren’t that long. It’s subdued and yet still very much a glitter polish. Perfect for the workplace really.

Aah ❤ This has to be one of my top 10 favorites, just not number 1… But only because i’ve had the same number 1 for years. It was one of the first polishes I ever bought and the entire line has since been discontinued. So I’m only wearing it on very special occasions and I buy any polish with a similar colour and finish in the hope it can compare. I have around 10 of those now, but so far they don’t even come close! So I’m keeping my eyes peeled when I spot a blackish silver glitter with a smooth finish. (This sounds so mysterious! I’ll swatch it for the blog sometime, promise!)

Love, Renée


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