Nails: Blue Sparkles

Hello Everyone!

After getting somewhat back on track on this blog, it’s about time to resurrect the nail category. And I’m kicking it off with a long forgotten favorite. After going through my nail polish stash and being very strict with myself, I’m destashing a lot. Whilst going through my stash I found some polishes I had all but forgotten about and I realized I had missed a fair few without realizing it. Today’s polish is one of them. It’s a HEMA Diamond Nailpolish in the colour 07. It’s a gorgeous bright cobalt blue chock full with blue glitter. It has a smooth and shiny finish. It’s a showstopper, it’s that nice. And the best thing is that HEMA is very affordable. I think i payed about 3,50 euros for this polish. And they have the same finish in loads of different colours. I have this one in a purple as well. I really would love this in a nice hunter green too though.

The sparkle isn’t coming across that good in the photos, but in the picture above you can see the sparkle in the bottle.

Unfortunately I didn’t apply my topcoat as well as I should have and it ended up damaging the tips of my nails quite badly after only one day… Meh 😦 Still I enjoyed it while it lasted!

Love, Renée


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