Tadaa: Magic Mirror

Hello Everyone,

Finally I am back in blogland. I’m so very sorry it’s been so silent here! Somehow I got sucked into my exams and then i had to finish my christmas things and i just didn’t seem to get around to blogging anymore. My resolution for 2014 is to keep this blog a little more up to date!

To kick off the new year on A Lazy Beauty, i’m going to start with a recently finished object. In fact, it’s one of the reasons it’s been so silent here. It was a birthday gift, but it ran a little late so it might as well have been a christmas gift. I never used to get it, but i totally understand why some people stress about gifts for Christmas. I ended up wrapping several balls of yarn with a picture from the pattern and a lot of promises to finish it as fast as possible. Have I done anything on them yet? No, my wipe are slowly drowning me. But I’ll come back to that in a later post, today is show and tell! I made my sister a set of a hat and gloves for her birthday. It was my first time using fancy yarn apart from the occasional pair of socks.

I loved knitting them, but there were some challenges. First off, both the pattern for the hat and the mittens was by Drops. Lovely, loads of free patterns. But they are notorious for being very sparingly with their instructions and being a little confusing. They sort the steps by segment (so there’s a separate segment for the thumb and the rest of the mitten), even if sometimes things form different segments have to be done at the same time. It’s best to read the pattern through once or twice and to mark when two things have to be done in the same round. I actually like that they’re a little sparing with their instructions, as I’m not very fond of patterns that feel the need to spell everything out. They can make me feel a little dumb. It’s like they assume you’re working above your level and need the be told everything 3 times in 3 different ways. It’s actually a little confusing when you’ve already figured out what to do after the first instruction.

Another issue with the Drops patterns is that a lot of them are translated, in my case from Norwegian. Sometimes this causes sentences and instructions to lose some of their meaning and sense. It wasn’t too bad in my patterns, but sometimes an instruction left me a little puzzled because it was formulated differently from what i was used to.

I love the yarn i used for both the mittens and the hat. I combined a strand of Drops Alpaca and Drops Kidsilk. They’re both very soft on their own, but they’re amazing together. The only issue is that when they get wet, they stink! Really really bad! I tried washing them with some nice smelling soaps and such, but i don’t think it did much.

Here is the hat (and the mittens) as modeled by my lovely sister. They’re lovely and fuzzy (thanks kidsilk!), but still show off the cables quite nicely!

Stats: Pom Pom Hat

Pattern: Knitted hat with cables 125-12 by Drops Design

Needles: 4.0 mm and 4.5 mm circular needle with a cable of 40 cm

Stats: Magic Mirror Mittens

Pattern: Magic Mirror by Kristel Nyberg

Needles: 3.25 mm dpn’s and a cable needle

I’m a little jealous of the mittens, the cables are so pretty! I’ll just have to make an other pair sometime!

Love, Renée


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