Tadaa: Dawlish

Hello Everyone,

I finished something! Last wednesday I finished up a pair of socks that I had been working on for a while. Time to show them off!

These are the stats.

Pattern: Dawlish by rachel Coopey. I have the Coop Knits sock book and this is my first sock from that book.

Yarn: Rico Design Superba Poems in the colour 7 (gradient from light grey to black).

Time: These socks took about a month to finish, but I wasn’t working on them the whole time. The actual knitting took about 2 weeks (I took it slow).

Experience: These were my first socks using fingering yarn and smaller (2.5 mm) needles. I feel like this pattern was a great choice. The pattern was very clear and explained each step without using too much words. The pictures in the book are spectacular, they make me want to knit all the patterns in the book. I was a bit unsure about the size at first, but after a good blocking they fit perfectly. Before blocking they are snug and tight to get over your heel, after blocking they slide on easily. These socks were fun! The pattern kept the knitting very interesting and the finished design is very pretty.

Love, Renée


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