Review: New Essence Lipsticks

Hello Everyone,

Today I have a review for you of a new product that I absolutely love! Essence has always been a nice budget make up brand. It’s cheap and has great on trend limited editions paired with a strong permanent collection. They have everything, both make up or nail polish related, you might ever want or need. Every spring and fall the permanent collection is updated. Sometimes this means they discontinue a few colours and release a few new colours, with the occasional new (often trendy) product. This fall they’ve gone big, very big! New styles of polishes, an at home gel nails kit (see trendy, all the expensive brands are releasing kits like this too!), new eyeshadows, blush sticks (because creme blushes are all the rage) and more!

The one thing that has always been a bit of a dud for me has been the essence lipsticks. The packaging looked childish and cheap. The shades, to me, were always just a bit off. They were all very glittery and just not my thing. There were 2 shades I really liked, but the rest I never bothered with.  But now… They redid the lipsticks completely! New packaging, a new (way better!) range of colours, the whole nine yards. And I’m very impressed! My daily make-up is very basic most of the time, but I love picking a different colour of lipstick everyday for a pop of colour based on my mood. For now the new range is available besides the old one, so if you still want some of the old lipsticks, you still have some time!

The new packaging is a simple, but sleek black plastic with a ring that shows the colour of the lipstick.

From left to right I have the colours: 10 Cotton Candy and 09 Wear Berries!

Here are some swatches on my arm. Again, on the left is Cotton Candy (isn’t that just the most perfect name for a lipstick?!?) and on the right Wear Berries! Cotton Candy is a soft barbie-pink. It’s just neutral enough to look good on a lot of skin tones. Wear Berries! is a sheer purplish pink shade. Perfect for fall! And not that bright (due to being slightly sheer), so perfect for those people that aren’t used to shades comparable to this or those who aren’t comfortable with bright shades.

This is me wearing Wear Berries! I have pretty pigmented lips so on me it’s not too purple, it’s more like a dark fuchsia pink.

And this is Cotton Candy. It’s exactly as advertised. A nice soft pink.

Aren’t these guys just too pretty? There’s a number of red shades and some more pink shades also available (10 shades total).  I wore these the whole day and they wore pretty well. They required a light touch up after a big meal (lunch, dinner, etc), but survived a small snack very nicely. Thumbs up essence! This is a big improvement! And at a price of 2,39 euros they’re really budget proof. If you can get your hands on them, grab some!
Love, Renée



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