Casting on: Effortless Cardigan

Hello Everyone!

The titel of this post isn’t completely accurate… this project has been started for a while now, but immediately after casting on it went into hibernation. I got overwhelmed by the thought that I had more than 15 (!) works in project at the time and wanted to decrease them straight away. I put this wip away as it has just been started and some others were closer to being finished. I have now finished a few projects and this one is back in progress! By the way I still need to show off 3 of the newly finished projects, one will be up tomorrow, the other 2 still need to have their pictures taken and will be up soon.

Okay, back to this new project. Technically it should have waited a little longer, but I only brought 2 projects with me to my dorm room and this was one of them. I finished my socks yesterday so this was left to work on (not that I mind at all!).

I have been wanting to knit a garment for a while now. I had started another sweater, but it ended up in hibernation after a few mistakes and a lot of frustration. I saw that a lot of people liked this design and it seemed to be a simpeler (it’s a pretty regular raglan type cardigan) construction and therefore better for beginners like me. Plus, I had the yarn!

The pattern I’m using is the effortless cardigan by Hannah Fettig. The effortless in the name is very appealing! It’s a simple sweater with loose and draped front panels. The sample was done in grey and that’s what I’m doing as well.

Above is the yarn i’m using. It’s Zeeman Royal in number 80 (grey). It’s acrylic, but I don’t sweat very easily and the yarn is incredibly soft so it should make a fine first cardigan!

This is how far I am today. I just separated the sleeves and have started the body.

And now I’m off! I need to get back to my knitting now 🙂

Love, Renée


2 thoughts on “Casting on: Effortless Cardigan

    • Renée Kies says:

      I’m loving it all ready! I think it’s going to be so easy to wear. This one is out of a cheaper yarn, but you have me thinking about making a second in something luxurious!

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