Nails: Frozen Purple

Hello Everyone!

In my recent shopping post you may have seen that I bought a few (haha a few!) new nail polishes. Among those were four sandstyle polishes or nail polishes that don’t dry smooth, but have a textured finish. I have wanted to try these for so long, i couldn’t resist trying them out straight away! Today’s post will be about one of those. It’s Gosh – Frozen Purple. A really pale purple textured polish with a lot of glam.

And i don’t think I need to say more at this point, the pictures say it all.

Was I not right? Isn’t this polish spectacular?

Love, Renée


2 thoughts on “Nails: Frozen Purple

    • Renée Kies says:

      It’s pretty new actually, they only stocked it last week here (although stores in other places have had it for a bit longer, mine is slow!). It is so pretty though. They also have a nice gold sand style which is just as pretty!

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