Spin & Tell

Hello Everyone!

It’s tuesday so it’s time for Spin & Tell. I haven’t been getting as much practice in as I would like due to university starting back up again and that gobbling up all of my time. I haven’t spun for at least two weeks, but thankfully I still have some things to show you! I managed to spin up my first bit of roving, as seen here. I then started on a lovely roll of red roving and boy what a surprise! I thought it was just a mix of a faded red and some white, but upon closer examination it turns out to include some bright splotches of orange, red and yellow. The feel of this roving when spinning is a little different to the first batch. The first batch was very clean and the roving felt a little softer. The red roving feels a little greasy and when spinning for a while leaves a layer on your hands. The roving feels a little coarser on the hands, but when spun feels a little softer (the first was a bit overspun).

Isn’t this the perfect project for fall? The resulting yarn is slightly variegated, but has an overall even tone. The yarn is already a lot more even than my first attempts. I’m trying to not overspin as much and to make sure it doesn’t vary too much in thickness.

Here you can see my first mini and the second on the spindle.

I couldn’t wait to try out my handspun and used it for 2 hexipuffs. In the completely white puff you can see that the yarn is still very uneven. Some parts are almost see-through, because the yarn was very thin in that spot, other spots are very bulky. The puffs were made for a challenge: you had to knit a summer puff and a fall puff and one of the two had to be embroidered. The white one is my summer puff, it reminds me of a fluffy dandelion. The other is a raincloud, as my favorite thing about fall is a good storm. It makes for a cosy day inside.

That’s all for now. I need to get back to my schoolwork now!

Love, Renée





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