Shopping: A little bit of everything

Hello Everyone,

I was feeling horrible yesterday so I decided to go into town a bit. A little retail therapy never hurt anyone but my bank account. I ended up buying quite a bit!

First off: a pom pom maker. I had to make a pom pom recently and it was quite a challenge. I knew these tools weren’t too expensive so I figured I’d try them too. The pom pom tool comes in 3 sizes, from small to huge.  I can’t wait to try them out!

Next stop, the local drugstore. The Kruidvat has a promotion where you buy 1 nail product and you get another for free. I hadn’t bought nail polish in quite a while and went a little wild! I had been dying to try the new sandstyle nail polishes that seem to be popping up everywhere.

I managed to get 4, although I was hoping to get a few more from Gosh (I really like the gold one), I do really like what I got. From left to right: Gosh – 03 Frosted Purple, essence – 165 Here’s my number, essence – 156 Me & my lover and essence – 163 Hey, nude!

I also bought some of the new LE polishes: Essence Be Loud LE – 02 Orange is the new black, Catrice Eve in Bloom LE – C05 Blossom you, blossom me and Catrice Eve in Bloom LE – C04 Rosebuddy.

And of course I couldn’t resist getting some of the regular Catrice polishes as well. As I hadn’t shopped polishes for a while, I didn’t have any of the new and updated polishes since the release this spring (kind of impressive huh?). I got, from left to right: Catrice – 13 Shopping Day at Bluemingdales (this is my favorite! I had been looking for a similar shade for ages!), Catrice – 10 I’m not a Greenager, Catrice – 09 Hugo Moss and Catrice – 35 Petroploitan.

I also stocked up on my favorite base coat and got a new topcoat. Always useful!

I also got a small bottle of Esprit Life. I love love love this perfume and recently finished my bottle. It was my everyday go-to scent so I really wanted a new one.

Of the essence Be Loud LE there were still some of the blushes left. I had been eyeing these and they do not disappoint! The pigment is fantastic, I’ll definitely be reviewing these soon! They look a bit childish, but they are great shades.

I also got some of the new and improved essence lipsticks.

I got 10 Cotton Candy (in front) an 09 Wear Berries. I will probably be reviewing these as well, as they pleasantly surprised me.

My next stop was one of my favorite stores, Flying tiger. This is a Danish store with the cutest things… and yarn!

I got this cute hard plastic placemat. I had seen a very nice DIY on how to make your own sock blockers. This seemed like a cute print to make them out of.

The yarn! I got 4 skeins of the mustard yarn to make something for my mom. I also got 8 skeins of sock yarn. The reddish ones in front will be my sisters Christmas present, i love the bright splashes of coral red. The pink, teal and hot pink skeins are for making hexipuffs. They have a nice halo that will look nice as a hexipuff.

I also got these pretty gift tags. As I’ve been making a lot of gifts lately I think these will be used soon! I also got a nice grey felt pen case. I’m hoping to decorate it with embroidery or something.

I also got some foreign facial masks. These had unusual herbal scents and have a 2 step process. The first step is a cleansing gel and the second step is a clay mask. They seemed nice, so I thought I’d try them out!

That’s all the things i bought. What do you think of my purchases?


Love, Renée




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