Casting on: Another gift

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been way too silent for way to long again! School has swallowed me up and is refusing to spit me back out. Today I managed to escape and will be reporting about one of my newest projects. A project that I am thoroughly enjoying now, after being a bit blah about it for a while.

I needed a gift for one of my best friends who has recently moved in with her boyfriend and whose birthday is coming up. After the debut of my first handmade gift (My cowl and headband set) I had indicated that I would like to make something for her as well and luckily she seemed open to the idea! So we chatted about it a bit and she said she would really like a creme/off white cowl. So I got to work last Sunday! I had spent ages looking for the perfect yarn. It was either too expensive (if I purchased from the store), too hard to care for (People my age don’t really do hand washing) or I didn’t have enough. I finally found some yarn and it just clicked. This would be great! I paired a 10% mohair, 90% acrylic with a pretty halo (extremely soft) with a regular DK acrylic. Using these two together I had a bulky enough yarn to knit a pattern I wanted to make, the etive cowl by Littletheorem on Ravelry. I had seen this pattern and it looked to be a perfect match. it looks complicated, but it’s a fast and easy knit. Just what I was looking for!

This is a really quick snapshot of the two yarns. On the upper left id the fuzzy sportweight mohair blend and the right is the DK acrylic. I had been unsure of what to do with this DK yarn for a while. I bought it as a replacement for a yarn that isn’t being made anymore, but it was less soft and the colours didn’t match completely. It’s been languishing in the stash ever since. Gonna make sure I use it all in this project. Together these yarns are super soft and look like one strand. You can’t see it’s two different yarns. The colour of the DK was also a bit more yellow than I wanted, but with the whiter mohair it’s pretty perfect.

This is a progress shot from Monday evening. I have about four times this now and the yarn is running out fast. I’m a little worried I won’t have enough! I’ve been completely focused on this project since starting it. It got a little boring in the beginning. I thought I wasn’t really making any progress. But now it’s going a lot better. I actually had trouble putting it down last night!

Love, Renée


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