Spin &Tell

Hello Everyone!

I have  a new addiction…. I have had a drop spindle for about half a year if not more, but somehow never got around to it. I finally gave in and just gave it ago. In the beginning it was so very confusing and I had some false starts, but eventually it just clicked and understood what I had to do. Eventually in this case was after watching videos about drop spindle spinning and trying to figure out the unclear instructions I had received with my kit (I had scored it super cheap, but the strange instructions were still a bit of a disappointment). For dutchies interested, I got it here for €5,95. It’s just a really basic simple drop spindle, with some soft natural roving. I wanted to have some more roving than came with the kit, so I ordered some nice red roving too (here). Actually I have a confession: I have been shopping for roving for a while now, even though I had never touched my spindle yet…. Oops! It just looks so pretty and there is so much choice! Luckily I was able to restrain myself to one luxury roving, which I bought on etsy (she ships worldwide!).

My increasing curiosity in spinning led me to finally try it out this week. And I love it! Which is a good thing or I’d be stuck with loads of roving. But it’s also problematic as after using it a few hours (jupp, couldn’t tear myself away!) I already know I want a spinning wheel. My christmas list is going to be very yarny this year!

But I’m having one small problem. As soon as i stop to wind my handmade yarn onto the spindle, it twists up on itself. After a night on the spindle it’s doesn’t do this anymore, but it doesn’t seem normal… How do I prevent this?

Any advice is welcome!

Love, Renée


3 thoughts on “Spin &Tell

  1. Renee, this is so great for a beginner!!!! It looks really good! As for twisting up on itself, it will always do that until its plied, just try to keep it taut until you wind it onto the cop.

    Lovely to see you linking up and I am really looking forward to seeing you work through the roving stash!!! Have a great week 🙂

    • Renée Kies says:

      Thanks! It’s already looking a lot better after a bath and some weighting while wet. I’ve actually already knit it up! I’m so addicted…. Can’t wait to try my other roving!

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