Nails: Leopard.

Hello Everyone!

I have a new nailart to show off today! It’s one I did a while ago, but I still really like it, so I thought I’d share anyway. I was experimenting with a leopard design and used some unexpected colours. It’s a little different, but quite fun!

What do you guys think?

Love, Renée




Tadaa: Dawlish

Hello Everyone,

I finished something! Last wednesday I finished up a pair of socks that I had been working on for a while. Time to show them off!

These are the stats.

Pattern: Dawlish by rachel Coopey. I have the Coop Knits sock book and this is my first sock from that book.

Yarn: Rico Design Superba Poems in the colour 7 (gradient from light grey to black).

Time: These socks took about a month to finish, but I wasn’t working on them the whole time. The actual knitting took about 2 weeks (I took it slow).

Experience: These were my first socks using fingering yarn and smaller (2.5 mm) needles. I feel like this pattern was a great choice. The pattern was very clear and explained each step without using too much words. The pictures in the book are spectacular, they make me want to knit all the patterns in the book. I was a bit unsure about the size at first, but after a good blocking they fit perfectly. Before blocking they are snug and tight to get over your heel, after blocking they slide on easily. These socks were fun! The pattern kept the knitting very interesting and the finished design is very pretty.

Love, Renée

Casting on: Effortless Cardigan

Hello Everyone!

The titel of this post isn’t completely accurate… this project has been started for a while now, but immediately after casting on it went into hibernation. I got overwhelmed by the thought that I had more than 15 (!) works in project at the time and wanted to decrease them straight away. I put this wip away as it has just been started and some others were closer to being finished. I have now finished a few projects and this one is back in progress! By the way I still need to show off 3 of the newly finished projects, one will be up tomorrow, the other 2 still need to have their pictures taken and will be up soon.

Okay, back to this new project. Technically it should have waited a little longer, but I only brought 2 projects with me to my dorm room and this was one of them. I finished my socks yesterday so this was left to work on (not that I mind at all!).

I have been wanting to knit a garment for a while now. I had started another sweater, but it ended up in hibernation after a few mistakes and a lot of frustration. I saw that a lot of people liked this design and it seemed to be a simpeler (it’s a pretty regular raglan type cardigan) construction and therefore better for beginners like me. Plus, I had the yarn!

The pattern I’m using is the effortless cardigan by Hannah Fettig. The effortless in the name is very appealing! It’s a simple sweater with loose and draped front panels. The sample was done in grey and that’s what I’m doing as well.

Above is the yarn i’m using. It’s Zeeman Royal in number 80 (grey). It’s acrylic, but I don’t sweat very easily and the yarn is incredibly soft so it should make a fine first cardigan!

This is how far I am today. I just separated the sleeves and have started the body.

And now I’m off! I need to get back to my knitting now 🙂

Love, Renée

Review: New Essence Lipsticks

Hello Everyone,

Today I have a review for you of a new product that I absolutely love! Essence has always been a nice budget make up brand. It’s cheap and has great on trend limited editions paired with a strong permanent collection. They have everything, both make up or nail polish related, you might ever want or need. Every spring and fall the permanent collection is updated. Sometimes this means they discontinue a few colours and release a few new colours, with the occasional new (often trendy) product. This fall they’ve gone big, very big! New styles of polishes, an at home gel nails kit (see trendy, all the expensive brands are releasing kits like this too!), new eyeshadows, blush sticks (because creme blushes are all the rage) and more!

The one thing that has always been a bit of a dud for me has been the essence lipsticks. The packaging looked childish and cheap. The shades, to me, were always just a bit off. They were all very glittery and just not my thing. There were 2 shades I really liked, but the rest I never bothered with.  But now… They redid the lipsticks completely! New packaging, a new (way better!) range of colours, the whole nine yards. And I’m very impressed! My daily make-up is very basic most of the time, but I love picking a different colour of lipstick everyday for a pop of colour based on my mood. For now the new range is available besides the old one, so if you still want some of the old lipsticks, you still have some time!

The new packaging is a simple, but sleek black plastic with a ring that shows the colour of the lipstick.

From left to right I have the colours: 10 Cotton Candy and 09 Wear Berries!

Here are some swatches on my arm. Again, on the left is Cotton Candy (isn’t that just the most perfect name for a lipstick?!?) and on the right Wear Berries! Cotton Candy is a soft barbie-pink. It’s just neutral enough to look good on a lot of skin tones. Wear Berries! is a sheer purplish pink shade. Perfect for fall! And not that bright (due to being slightly sheer), so perfect for those people that aren’t used to shades comparable to this or those who aren’t comfortable with bright shades.

This is me wearing Wear Berries! I have pretty pigmented lips so on me it’s not too purple, it’s more like a dark fuchsia pink.

And this is Cotton Candy. It’s exactly as advertised. A nice soft pink.

Aren’t these guys just too pretty? There’s a number of red shades and some more pink shades also available (10 shades total).  I wore these the whole day and they wore pretty well. They required a light touch up after a big meal (lunch, dinner, etc), but survived a small snack very nicely. Thumbs up essence! This is a big improvement! And at a price of 2,39 euros they’re really budget proof. If you can get your hands on them, grab some!
Love, Renée


Nails: Frozen Purple

Hello Everyone!

In my recent shopping post you may have seen that I bought a few (haha a few!) new nail polishes. Among those were four sandstyle polishes or nail polishes that don’t dry smooth, but have a textured finish. I have wanted to try these for so long, i couldn’t resist trying them out straight away! Today’s post will be about one of those. It’s Gosh – Frozen Purple. A really pale purple textured polish with a lot of glam.

And i don’t think I need to say more at this point, the pictures say it all.

Was I not right? Isn’t this polish spectacular?

Love, Renée

Spin & Tell

Hello Everyone!

It’s tuesday so it’s time for Spin & Tell. I haven’t been getting as much practice in as I would like due to university starting back up again and that gobbling up all of my time. I haven’t spun for at least two weeks, but thankfully I still have some things to show you! I managed to spin up my first bit of roving, as seen here. I then started on a lovely roll of red roving and boy what a surprise! I thought it was just a mix of a faded red and some white, but upon closer examination it turns out to include some bright splotches of orange, red and yellow. The feel of this roving when spinning is a little different to the first batch. The first batch was very clean and the roving felt a little softer. The red roving feels a little greasy and when spinning for a while leaves a layer on your hands. The roving feels a little coarser on the hands, but when spun feels a little softer (the first was a bit overspun).

Isn’t this the perfect project for fall? The resulting yarn is slightly variegated, but has an overall even tone. The yarn is already a lot more even than my first attempts. I’m trying to not overspin as much and to make sure it doesn’t vary too much in thickness.

Here you can see my first mini and the second on the spindle.

I couldn’t wait to try out my handspun and used it for 2 hexipuffs. In the completely white puff you can see that the yarn is still very uneven. Some parts are almost see-through, because the yarn was very thin in that spot, other spots are very bulky. The puffs were made for a challenge: you had to knit a summer puff and a fall puff and one of the two had to be embroidered. The white one is my summer puff, it reminds me of a fluffy dandelion. The other is a raincloud, as my favorite thing about fall is a good storm. It makes for a cosy day inside.

That’s all for now. I need to get back to my schoolwork now!

Love, Renée




Shopping: A little bit of everything

Hello Everyone,

I was feeling horrible yesterday so I decided to go into town a bit. A little retail therapy never hurt anyone but my bank account. I ended up buying quite a bit!

First off: a pom pom maker. I had to make a pom pom recently and it was quite a challenge. I knew these tools weren’t too expensive so I figured I’d try them too. The pom pom tool comes in 3 sizes, from small to huge.  I can’t wait to try them out!

Next stop, the local drugstore. The Kruidvat has a promotion where you buy 1 nail product and you get another for free. I hadn’t bought nail polish in quite a while and went a little wild! I had been dying to try the new sandstyle nail polishes that seem to be popping up everywhere.

I managed to get 4, although I was hoping to get a few more from Gosh (I really like the gold one), I do really like what I got. From left to right: Gosh – 03 Frosted Purple, essence – 165 Here’s my number, essence – 156 Me & my lover and essence – 163 Hey, nude!

I also bought some of the new LE polishes: Essence Be Loud LE – 02 Orange is the new black, Catrice Eve in Bloom LE – C05 Blossom you, blossom me and Catrice Eve in Bloom LE – C04 Rosebuddy.

And of course I couldn’t resist getting some of the regular Catrice polishes as well. As I hadn’t shopped polishes for a while, I didn’t have any of the new and updated polishes since the release this spring (kind of impressive huh?). I got, from left to right: Catrice – 13 Shopping Day at Bluemingdales (this is my favorite! I had been looking for a similar shade for ages!), Catrice – 10 I’m not a Greenager, Catrice – 09 Hugo Moss and Catrice – 35 Petroploitan.

I also stocked up on my favorite base coat and got a new topcoat. Always useful!

I also got a small bottle of Esprit Life. I love love love this perfume and recently finished my bottle. It was my everyday go-to scent so I really wanted a new one.

Of the essence Be Loud LE there were still some of the blushes left. I had been eyeing these and they do not disappoint! The pigment is fantastic, I’ll definitely be reviewing these soon! They look a bit childish, but they are great shades.

I also got some of the new and improved essence lipsticks.

I got 10 Cotton Candy (in front) an 09 Wear Berries. I will probably be reviewing these as well, as they pleasantly surprised me.

My next stop was one of my favorite stores, Flying tiger. This is a Danish store with the cutest things… and yarn!

I got this cute hard plastic placemat. I had seen a very nice DIY on how to make your own sock blockers. This seemed like a cute print to make them out of.

The yarn! I got 4 skeins of the mustard yarn to make something for my mom. I also got 8 skeins of sock yarn. The reddish ones in front will be my sisters Christmas present, i love the bright splashes of coral red. The pink, teal and hot pink skeins are for making hexipuffs. They have a nice halo that will look nice as a hexipuff.

I also got these pretty gift tags. As I’ve been making a lot of gifts lately I think these will be used soon! I also got a nice grey felt pen case. I’m hoping to decorate it with embroidery or something.

I also got some foreign facial masks. These had unusual herbal scents and have a 2 step process. The first step is a cleansing gel and the second step is a clay mask. They seemed nice, so I thought I’d try them out!

That’s all the things i bought. What do you think of my purchases?


Love, Renée