Tadaa: Mystery design

Hello Everyone,

Remember my mystery design that I mentioned here? The things I was making were a gift for a friend so I didn’t want to give away too much just in case. Yesterday was the day of the party (and my first time gifting something handmade!) and that means that I can now share what I made. The party was pretty last minute, so these gifts took up all of my knitting time for the week. The party was announced on sunday so I set to work immediately. For these gifts I created my own patterns, so you can expect to see these on Ravelry soon enough. Due to the time constraint I had to keep things relatively simple, but I believe these designs still look pretty impressive! Thankfully any jitters about how my gifts would be received were completely unnecessary. The recipient loved them and even some of the other guests came up to compliment me on my work. Hurrah!!

I made a cute headband and cowl scarf! In seedstitch. I’m now officially in love with seed stitch. It’s very pretty and feels very soft and comfortable. The texture feels so nice when you run your fingers over it.

I started with the headband. The pattern for the headband is really simple and it would be perfect for new knitters. Or even a good way to get started. If you know the difference between an knit and a purl stitch, you can make this.

I never really wear anything on my head even during the coldest part of winter, but after trying this one on i think I’m a convert. I’m so making one for myself too! It’s soft and warm, but not itchy (hats somehow always give you weird hair and start itching, store bought ones anyway!). It’s like a hug for your head!

I then  made a matching seed stitch cowl. It can be worn wrapped around your neck once, or you can wrap it around your neck twice. It’s very comfy and nice and warm! I think i might need one like this too!

The pattern for this is also quite easy, but a little more complicated than the headband. You need to understand knitting in the round as well as how to knit and purl.

What do you think of these designs? Would you be interested in making these?

Love, Renée


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