Casting on: Design in progress

Hello Everyone!

First off let me say, I have been blow away by the lovely, kind and encouraging responses to my first ever pattern! Honestly, it has made my week. And apart from making me feel good, I hope it also makes those who have downloaded it feel good when they hook it up. Because if you enjoy what I created, pfieuw! That would be amazing! I was so encouraged, that I have already started on my second design. Apart from it not being a doily this time, it’s not a crochet pattern, but it’s a knitting pattern! And because everyone has been so encouraging, i thought a little sneak peek was in order….

Et voila! As you can see I’m using a tweed like beige yarn. I’m loving it so far, it’s working up quick and easy. This new pattern is going to be perfect for beginner knitters as it doesn’t require a lot of knowledge about knitting yet. Probably also the reason I feel comfortable designing something like this!  The yarn is soft and a pleasure to work with. I think I need to go get some more of this soon! (mom, if you’re reading this… i’lll use up some stash first!) For those interested, it’s Zeeman Tweed. It’s acrylic, but as this design needs to be worn next to your skin, this is a plus. It’s not itchy, can be washed and is super duper soft!

And… any ideas what it’s going to be yet? I’m very curious to hear what your guess is!

Love, Renée

ps. My first pattern is free until midnight on the 27th of August… If you haven’t downloaded it yet, go check it out!


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