5 DIY’s I want to try

Hello Everyone,

It shouldn’t be a surprise by now, but I really like crafting and making things I didn’t think I would be able to make. I love browsing the internet for fun things to try out. Today I want to share a few DIY ideas with you that I want to try out.

1. A bun or ponytail with a braid

This image (from Pinterest, unfortunately I couldn’t find the original source) shows clearly how to achieve this look. It looks like a quick and easy way to turn a regular hairdo into something more special. I’ll have to see if it’s really that easy…

2. DIY Pizza Rolls

These look like the perfect afternoon snack. And they look really easy! We always have some pastry dough in the freezer, and we have a huge drawer full of canned tomato stuff, so I can surely find something there. Add toppings of your choice, et voila! Found here.

3. Heart Card

As I’m now regularly entering in card swaps on revelry, I’m always on the lookout for pretty cards to send. And for a swap hosted on a site like Ravelry, full of crafty, DIY people, handmade does seem the way to go (although store bought cards are fun too!). I see more and more people making their own cards. I’ve watched my grandma do it my entire life. It’s about time I got to it!

This card can be customized in so many ways. It sounds like a good place to start experimenting! Found here.

4. Scrabble coasters

I have been seeing these all over the internet, I wasn’t too sure about them at first, but now I totally love them, scrabble coasters. It could be fun to customize these to your family, with words applying to them (and a few spares for guests!). or just use random letters but hide their name in the mix! You can go so many way with these! Found here.

5. Rainbow Rose

This is so awesome! I need a rose to try this out. I wonder if it really works? Found here.


What do you think of these DIY’s?


Love, Renée


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