Review: Gosh Tropical Fever Trio

Hello Everyone!

Today I have another review for you and this time it’s not a bath product (although I have several notes waiting to be turned into a review!), but eyeshadow!

I’ll be talking about the GOSH Tropical Fever eye trio (Colourcode TR20) today. I’ve had this one for a while and while I am a little apprehensive of using the colours on my eyes (I will though!) the colours are so bright and cheery that I keep gravitating to it anyway.  I’m very pale and usually stick to neutrals. If I use colour it’s on my cheeks or lips.  If you know how to use them it could be amazing! So, right here and right now: I dare myself to create a look using this eye trio! Expect a post on that soon!

On to the review!

The eyeshadow comes in a sturdy black plastic casing and feels solid in your hand. A transparent pane in front allows the bright colours to draw you in.

The trio has a bright green, intense blue and a very cheery yellow. Not really 3 colours to combine on your eyes, but it will look great as a colourful accent pared with some more muted colours. Or used on a white base for a fantasy look or themed party.

This is why this trio is so amazing, because often enough you see bright eyeshadows that promise gorgeous colours and often they can turn out a bit of a disappointment. This time, it’s as good as it looks. This was one swipe on my pale arms. Look at those colours!!!

Quickie review: 

Quality: The quality is amazing. I mean, look at that pigment!

Packaging: The packaging is sturdy and strictly business. Not very appealing, but it does it’s job (and the colours are appealing enough!)

Would you wear colours like this?


Love, Renée


3 thoughts on “Review: Gosh Tropical Fever Trio

  1. I’m always put off by colours like this because I find once I have them on and make it to the party, they fade and I end up looking like a end of the night tired gal. The colour smudges and that isn’t a good look. Did you find this one had staying power or did it fade?

    • Renée Kies says:

      These stayed on remarkably well. I wore all 3 colours all day and they still looked as good in the evening as in the morning. Definitely use a good eyeshadow base though, otherwise the colours can be a bit washed out!

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