Tadaa: Mom’s Mittens

Hello Everyone!

I have another finished object to share with you today! remember this post a while back where I showed off my new mittens? Well I wasn’t the only one who really liked them. My mom loved them! And as I liked making them I was very willing to make her her very own pair. And as I still have to finish the scarf I promised her for her birthday in March (I’m completely out of love with it, but I WILL finish it! Soon!), but meanwhile this will be a good way to tide her over until I do finish it.

So I let her pick from a few yarn options (which I new she would like and would work for this project) and set to work.

Here’s the deets:

Pattern: Eugenia’s mittens by Mollie Woodworth

Yarn: Royal by Zeeman (A dutch Budget store) in a dark purple (colour 40).

Time: This second time round I was already familiar with the pattern so it went a lot faster than the first time.  I took my time on the first glove as I started them during my exams, but the second was done in 3 evenings.

Experience: I still like knitting these even though I have now knit the pattern 4 times. These make perfect gifts! I have noticed that I really ought to alternate projects like this one, that use fatter dpns (4.00 mm and up) as they really hurt the joins in my right hand. I feel it after as much as one night knitting so I should probably be careful with that. It can really mess up my motivation! But I’m stubborn and knit these and until I finish one glove don’t alternate at all. Life on the wild side!

Which do you prefer, red or purple?


Love, Renée


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