Casting on: Passion Flowers Shawl

Hello Everyone!

It’s wednesday so it’s time I give an update on some of my current projects! I’ve been away for a while, so I didn’t get too much crafting done, but I still have some things to show you.

Unfortunately all projects I have been working on I haven’t ever written about before! How does this keep happening?!? So today I’m going to write about this weeks project that got worked on most and that made the most progress, my Passion Flowers Shawl.

Whilst waiting for my yarn for the Pickaboo KAL to arrive I started a new shawl, Passion flowers by Marisa Hernandez. I got off to a good start and could share a photo on instagram in a few days (it took me a few tries to get it right!).

I kept speeding on and although I had used 2 lifelines I didn’t really encounter any problems. I sped through the first 2 charts and yesterday could show some significant progress…

As you can see I have made some great progress on the third chard (above the second lifeline). I was about 35 rows into the 86 row chart. I must have jinxed the thing, because suddenly nothing would work anymore, my stitch count was off (waaaayyy off! I had 10 extra stitches of so…), tinking didn’t fix it and so this morning I had to rip back to the second lifeline. Sigh. So my progress has disappeared.

So this is where I’m at now… I have a bit of catching up to do, but I’m a bit mad at this shawl right now so it’s getting  time out. Not too long a I need the needles it’s on!

Love, Renée

ps. Checking in for Work in Progress Wednesday at Tami’s Amis!


4 thoughts on “Casting on: Passion Flowers Shawl

    • Renée Kies says:

      It definitely was! But I was so lost it was the only option I have left. I’m hoping it will be a bit better behaved soon so i can finish it!

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