Review: Lush Woosh!

Hello Everyone!

Today will be the first (of hopefully many more) beauty reviews here on A Lazy Beauty. For those of you that didn’t know, I used to have a beautyblog, but i didn’t have a proper camera. I was stuck using my phone to take pictures and while the quality of my phone was okay to take pictures of craft projects , the quality wasn’t good enough to document beauty products, face looks, etc. These things are often a lot smaller and require more detail. So I decided to stop writing about beauty  for a while, even though I really enjoyed writing about it. Recently I was able to buy a new camera, which you can read about here and I have been wanting to pick it back up again. So I’ve decided to start up again, this time with proper pictures! I have added a “Beauty” category and have reorganized the current categories a bit to keep things clear. All my knitting, crochet and other crafty things can now be found in the “Crafts category”. There are a couple more categories, but they speak for themselves.

I’ll be kicking of the beauty category with a review of a product that had me a bit puzzled at first, but which I now thoroughly enjoy, Lush Woosh shower jelly.

Whoosh is a pretty unique shower product. It’s a jelly! A wobbly handful of jellysoap! There are other scents available in this unique format, but Whoosh is by far my favorite with it’s heavenly scent of grapefruit, rozemary and geranium. It smells fresh and invigorating, without being overpowering.

Here’s what Lush itself says about this fun shower experience:

Inside this wobbly life form we’ve trapped fresh organic lemon and lime juice, freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, grapefruit essential oil, rosemary oil and geranium oil. This is a fruity citrus blaster that will propel you out of the shower and into a new space and time.

If you haven’t felt the effect of seaweed gel on your skin – then you really should buy this and try it.

Whoosh was named after the sound of deadlines whizzing by. Useful for renewed focus when tired, jet lagged or revising for exams.

Our shower jellies are a wobbly good time and you might have to chase them round the shower a bit, because they tend to make a jump for freedom.  But keep a firm grip and get it all over you because you are going to love how soft and supple your skin feels from the softening seaweed.

Our jellies are also wobbly versatile, because that seaweed gel is not just really softening on your skin, it’s also great for hair and scalp – so don’t be afraid to use it all over. 

Chill it, freeze it or use it straight from the pot – whichever temperature you choose, just stroke our wobbly bit over your wobbly bits under a running shower.

I definitely agree that whoosh is fun to use! The little blob gets so slippery and it’s a challenge to keep a good hold while washing yourself. I suppose you could just rub it over a loofah and put it back in it’s box, but where’s the fun in that?

My skin feels soft and hydrated after use (it’s usually screaming for some bodylotion after a shower!) and the scent lingers, but isn’t too strong. Don’t be worried about it interfering with your perfume! I really did feel awaked after use, but that is probably also an effect of the fact that I took a shower, those seem to be the only way I can wake up in the morning.

Unfortunately our heatwave has left and the weather is now pretty dreary (which, honestly, is my favorite kind of weather. I love rain or a good storm. My favorite days are those when you need the lights on during the day) so I haven’t been able to test it while frozen yet (it seems a bit cold!), but even at room temperature whoosh, i suspect due to the funny texture, feels fresh and slightly colder.

Whoosh costs €6,05 for 100 grams.

Overall Opinion:

Price: Whoosh is a unique product and therefore worth spending a little more than I usually would on shower products.

Hydration: Whoosh leaves my skin soft, supple and well hydrated.

Ease of use: The fun factor of this product also creates some interesting challenges when you try to use it. I have pretty long nails right now, so I really had to be careful not to gouge out chunks. I also had some moments where I nearly dropped the shower jelly to splat to it’s death on my shower floor.

Overall rating: 9/10

Love, Renée


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