Tadaa: Plane Socks

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been a bit absent for a bit and for that I am sorry. I have a good reason though… the weather here in The Netherlands is being pretty awesome! I can’t recall other times with such high temperatures very easily, Usually it stays around 20-25 degrees Celsius in Summer, and recently we have been having temperatures of 30-35 degrees Celsius! I have spent my days lazing about in the shade ( I don’t do so well in the sun if it’s this hot! One of the reasons my tan is severely lacking this year!) with a mountain of good books (neatly stored in my ereader), yummy drinks and lots of good food (what else is one supposed to do when it’s too hot to move?). I’ve also been on a little trip with my mom to a city I haven’t been to before. We had a great time, so i’ll be sure to share some of our adventures later!

Back to today’s business. A finished object! I finished these a while back, but haven’t found time to share them yet so they will be a good way to get back into things again!

Today’s finished item is my pair of “Plane socks”. I started these socks when I was traveling to New York for my 21st birthday with my Dad (Mom and I had gone to Paris for my sweet 16. We have a tradition that you get to pick a parent for a trip for special birthdays). I had picked a easy enough pattern, some lovely soft and simple yarn that is very forgiving of mistakes (just in case lol! They were only my 3rd pair!). They were slightly doomed though. On the flight over I lost a dpn and then messed up the pattern somewhere during the trip. The sock was also turning out to be a bit too large as my yarn was quite a bit thicker than what the pattern called for. So i frogged and restarted and now they are done!

Pattern: Vanilla Latte Socks by Virginia Rose-Jeanes. A plus in this pattern is that it provides options for different kinds of heels and explains all of these. You have a choice of options for the cuff as well. I picked a k1,p1 ribbed cuff and an eye of partridge heel.

Yarn: 2 balls of Strengels acryl garen in colour 106, a blue variegated yarn (ranges from light blue to black).

Difficulty: This pattern is easy enough to knit and all steps are explained clearly so if should be fine for a beginner (having knit socks at least once). Unless, like me, you’re on a plane and loose your needles.

Time: Due to a few bumps in the road, these socks took way longer than necessary.

Detail shot of the heel. It worked so well with this yarn!


That’s it! What do you think?

Love, Renée


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