Tadaa: POP! Baby Cardigan

Hello Everyone!

Today, in the spirit of Finished Object Friday, I have a new finished object to share with you! And it’s one I’m really proud of. Not everything went as planned, but as it was my first time knitting a garment, I think I did pretty well!

I had a blast while knitting this! It gave me a chance to see how a cardigan is shaped and formed. At first I was quite confused about the yoke. I didn’t know what it was or where it went in the cardigan, but some googling showed me what it was ( the part near the neck).

POP! Baby Cardigan

Pattern: Pop! baby Cardigan by Rachel Atkinson. I knit the cardigan in the size 3 to 6 months. I have no baby (the recipient hasn’t been born yet, she’s due somewhere in November) to try it on, but it looks teeny tiny! I think it may have ended up a bit smaller. But then she’ll be able to wear it sooner right?

Yarn: I used a really nice yarn with a subtle pink variegation. The yarn slowly shifts from a bright pink to a darkr pink and back. it’s Wibra Bianca in the colour 70177.

Difficulty: The pattern is very clear and the steps are explained in a logical manner. For a beginner it might be a bit tricky to read. I had some trouble understanding how the cardigan is formed, but this wasn’t a big problem. Just do what the pattern tells you to do and you’ll be fine.

Time: It took me 3/4 evenings of knitting to knit up the body (after a few false starts, but I always have those). I then had to wait a while to knit the sleeves as my needles were in use on another project ( a pair of Eugenia’s Mittens for my mom in a lush purple). it’s actually a pretty quick knit!

What do you think?

Love, Renée

ps. Checking in with Tami’s Amis for Finished Object Friday.


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