Pick A Boo KAL Update #2

Hello Everyone!

It’s time for the second update on the Pick A Boo KAL! I still haven’t started as, while I was waiting for my yarn to arrive I cast on another shawl and I want to finish that one first now. But that one should be done fairly soon so I should be able to start pretty soon (hopefully before next week’s update!).

I do have something new to show today. I  decided to order the yarn I saw on Etsy (and that I wrote about here) and it has arrived! So of course I have to show it off today!

This photo is very colour accurate. The colour is a very nice dark purplish grey which leans to black at times. It reminds me of my favorite time when night falls and the sky turns all these lovely shades and variations of blue.

The info.

Along with the yarn came a lovely handwritten note, a little magnet and a business card. The note especially was very nice to see. I really think little personal touches like these make shopping at small independent businesses so much more rewarding. I would never imagine a big box store doing something like this.

Isn’t it gorgeous? I think it’s pretty perfect for my Out of Darkness shawl.

Love, Renée


3 thoughts on “Pick A Boo KAL Update #2

  1. I think it’s pretty perfect for Out of Darkness the colour the name everything is suitable and I can’t wait to see it once cast on ! The personal touch is I think what’s missing from a lot of the bigger stores.

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