Work in Progress Wednesday 7

Hello Everyone!

It’s Wednesday and this time I actually have some things to show you!

First off: Hexipuffs for my Beekeepersquilt. I have been slowing down considerably with my multitude of projects to pick from. My hexipuffs have been shoved to the background a bit.

But that’s all about to change! I recently won some miniskeins in a challenge on Ravelry (check it out, there’s more challenges and there’s a fun game coming up!). These will soon be knit up, either for a challenge, a random puff or the upcoming game!

I’ve also picked up a project that has been dormant for a bit. The first sock of the pair had taken forever so I needed a break before starting the second one. But I’ve finally gotten back around to it. I’m not really loving it, but I will love it once I’m finished. The pattern and yarn don’t seem to be working together very well. I also made the leg a bit to long and it’s been a bit of a gamble to see if i would have enough. I ended up making the foot a teeeeny bit shorter so that I can finish it, but it’s a tight fit now.

I’ve also started a new project ( because everyone knows I didn’t have enough of them yet!). It’s a shawl and here’a a quick (and crappy, sorry!) photo I took with my phone. More pictures of this later as I’m quite a bit further now!

These have been my main projects for the last week. What have you been working on?

Love, Renée






2 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday 7

    • Renée Kies says:

      You’re very right! I was thinking of giving these away anyway, but my family (unfortunately?) all have larger feet than me haha! And I don’t know many others who would appreciate hand knit socks. But I think If I stretch them out a bit I’ll be okay 🙂

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