Pick A Boo Kal Update #1

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a bit of a quiet week around here. Up until yesterday I spent my time relaxing in the sun and generally not moving too much in the (kind of lovely, even though I’m a winter person) summer heat! I spent the day lying on a sun bed, reading book upon book upon book (I think I set a personal record. Read 3 books of 300 pages each in one day! Gahh! I love reading! I ate loads of watermelon and we used the BBQ three nights in a row, yum! Especially after the recent discovery of special BBQ marshmallows that smell and taste like caramels! They’re the best EVER, and I can consider myself an expert on all things marshmallow!

The above is the main reason there was no WIP wednesday yesterday, I haven’t really been doing much apart from reading, eating and lazing about.

No great progress on the KAL front either. Except that I must mention that after a lot of encouragement both here and on Ravelry I caved and bought my yarn. Ahhh, it’s going to be so nice! I can’t wait for it to get here and to get started. Currently my yarn is vacationing in San Fransisco somewhere, so it’ll probably be a while yet.

In my anxiety to get started I cast on another shawl though! I’m only on row 7 now, because row 7 entailed a 3 to 5 increase. It looks pretty, but my god that is a monstrosity for a newbie! I had no clue and no one puts in a lifeline after 6 rows, so it involved a lot of frogging and starting over. More on that soon!

I’m off to work on my ripple monster now as it’s been a while and I really want to (plus i can read while I’m at it, hoorah!)

Love, Renée


7 thoughts on “Pick A Boo Kal Update #1

  1. Thrilled to hear you got the yarn, you know it was the right thing. I to am lazy and enjoying the summer, its been so glorious here in Ireland and that’s virtually unheard of so I’m making the most of it and sitting in the shade with my knitting.

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