Tadaa: Eugenia’s Mittens

Hello Everyone!

It’s friday, so it’s time to show off something I finished recently! I blogged about the project featured in today’s Tadaa when I cast on, you can read about it here.

I finally finished my Eugenia’s Mittens! This was quite a challenging project! It took me several tries to get the pattern straight, I had never made mittens before and the cable pattern is very intricate (but oh so pretty!)I had to start over more than a few times, but that made finishing these that much more rewarding. I love the finished product and will wear then a lot once winter comes around again (or even fall… we’re having a few good days now with lovely weather, but it’s been very rainy and cold for the biggest part!).

The pattern: Eugenia’s mittens by Mollie Woodworth (the pattern is free on Ravelry!)

Yarn: Vintage Acrylic in deep intense red (Zeeman – Royal). This yarn comes in balls of 260 meters and I had at least half left over. These mittens would make perfect little stash busters  (could be a great christmas gift too!)

Difficulty: 4/5, it’s certainly doable, but I often forget I am still a novice and can’t make everything in the blink of an eye (kind of glad about it too, learning new stuff is fun!) For experienced knitters the cables might be a bit of a challenge, just because it’s so intricate. Lifelines are a good useful tool for these mittens!

Time: These mitts knit up pretty fast, but because I had to start over a few times the first one took a while. After that the second took me about 2/3 evenings of relaxed knitting. I’ve started a second pair (and a third and fourth pair are on my list, they were quite a hit here and everyone requested a pair haha!)for my mother and I’ve completed the first of her mittens in record time!

This photo shows the colour of the mittens best, the red is really bright!

Leftover yarn

Can you imagine? Me in my dark, long woolen trench coat, hair carefully coiffed into a stylish bun (maybe someday!) with these red babies on my hands? Snow softly falling around me… Ah I love winter! My mom’s pair is going to be a dark purple as that is her favorite colour and the third pair (for a friend) will be grey. My sister is getting a slightly variegated red.  I really like making these, so if you need a pair of mittens be sure to give this pattern a try!

Love, Renée


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