Pick a Boo KAL!

Hello Everyone!

July first marked the start of an exciting new adventure in knitting land! The start of a new KAL, or knit-along by Crafts of the Cwtch. What is a knit-along? A KAL, is where you form a group of people and all start the same project in the same timeframe. In this case it’s a little bit different, we aren’t all making exactly the same thing. The theme of the KAL is “Pick a boo” (don’t you just love this name?!). Everyone will be making a shawl by the same designer (Boo knits).

I love KAL’s. The fat that you’re knitting with others is highly motivating. Every week those with a blog write an update (every thursday!) and we keep each other updated on the Crafts of the Cwtch group on Ravelry. This is so motivating! Seeing others progress makes you want to keep cracking on even if a pattern is (too) challenging! The fact that there is a timeframe in which you are to (aim to) complete the project is also a great motivator for me. I’m a pretty proud person, being anything less than perfect ticks me off (can you imagine how i feel with a frankenstein face this week? It totally sucks!). I don’t want to embarrass myself by not finishing (plus I love being able to guiltlessly parade my newly finished things. My parents and sister often laugh at me when i take a tour of the house showing stuff off, with the same complementary story every time, to everyone in the house.) in the time given, so I work hard to make sure I finish it. With my ever growing list of WIP’s a very good thing too!

This week I haven’t made a lot of progress. This will be my first time knitting lace weight, knitting a lace shawl, etc… Frankly I’m a little apprehensive. And after the rough (though planned) start of the week, it didn’t seem to be the right time to start such a challenging project. So I’ve postponed. But i’ve thought a lot abput the whole thing!

I picked a pattern: Out of darkness. The shape of the lace sections just really appeals to me, especially combined with the plainer areas of the shawl. Plus I think I will actually be able to wear this!

One thing that has kept my mind occupied this week is yarn. I have some laceweight yarn in my stash, but it’s not really any colour I would choose for this pattern ( a dusky greyish colour, perhaps a gradient, of a really dark grey,…) so I’m not very excited to use those. So I’m trying to justify buying some very nice hand-dyed lace weight yarn on easy, as I have wanted to for a great while. And I actually found one that I really really like, but it’s a tad expensive…

This is it. As soon as I saw it, I loved it. This would be perfect. It’s a hand-dyed luxury BFL/Silk lace yarn by The stationary Nomad on etsy. The colour is velvet night and it is One of a kind (i’m a sucker for things like that!). It’s described as a deep, almost black, slightly variegated, purple, like the night sky.  And the night sky is what I think of when I hear “Out of darkness”. I want this. I neeed this. But I can’t really justify it… can I? I do feel very sorry for myself with my swollen cheek and sore face and mouth… But that’s already fading. I need to decide fast. If it sells, I’m going to be devastated!

What should I do?

Love Renée




14 thoughts on “Pick a Boo KAL!

    • Renée Kies says:

      That’s a good idea! But as it’s my very first shawl i think I’m going to keep this one myself 🙂

  1. I think you’ve answered your own question really in that if your goiing to be devastated if it sells then you best go and get it! Your what likely going to need one skein of it so compared to other pieces its quite cheap really. Plus this is going to be a bespoke shawl with that yarn. The colouring does suggest its more out of darkness than the grey which to me suggests into darkness. HTH

    • Renée Kies says:

      Yepp you’re very right! And it has so much yardage (850 or so!) that I can make another shawl out of it as well! Great deal really 🙂 The colouring is rather perfect for the pattern if you ask me, glad you can see what I meant when picking a colour like this!

  2. Buy it….you do so deserve it! Just think of the joy and the parading of course that would come out of the finished object…look forward to seeing your progress soon!

  3. You already know the answer…… GET IT!!!!! 😉

    In all seriousness, it is beautiful for that pattern, so it would get my vote. I didn’t clock through to see the price, but if you’re thinking this is something that you want to gets lots of wear out of and it’s going to be a lot of work, then IMO it’s worth getting something you love. When I made Nuvem (gigantic lace weight shawl) I bought cheaper yarn than suggested and after ALL that work, still wish that I had chosen differently. So that’s my opinion but I don’t know your budget or the existing stash, so it’s a little out of context.

    Lovely having you on board, and I will be watching with interest to see what you cast on 🙂

    • Renée Kies says:

      I really have bought too much yarn lately (moving it from my dorm to the parents house was quite a revelation!), but i only have 3 skeins of lace weight an they are all very cheap and none of them colours I’d like for this project. I decided I deserve this and just went for it, can’t wait for it to arrive!

  4. the yarn looks absolutely amazing, and the shawl design you’ve chosen is fantastic too! i really hope you’ll enjoy knitting this one, because i’m sure the result will be stunning..! have fun 🙂

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